Maryland’s Morals on November Ballot (Demo)

Maryland to vote on The Dream Act, gambling’s expansion, and gay marriage this November.

Should the children of illegal immigrants be afforded in-state tuition?  Should gay people be allowed to get married in Maryland?  Will a casino be built at the National Harbor?  If you’re not asking yourself these questions now, you better start because WHEN, not if, you vote this November, you’ll need to make an informed decision.  According to a survey on what Marylanders see as the major issues facing this country: it’s the economy & jobs, budget deficit, and education.  Gay marriage doesn’t show up in the poll as a major issue but polled about it, nonetheless, the 805 Maryland voters surveyed in October 2011, reflect African Americans and Republicans oppose it while Whites and Democrats favor it.
Strongly disagree: that’s what I look for in these surveys and those strongly disagreeing with the children of immigrants receiving in-state tuition rates outnumber those who strongly agree.  The problem with all of this for me is that it’s easy to rubber stamp your vote until the political issues are personalized and in your face.  I’m guilty of it.  I know I’ll be rubber stamping my vote on some of these topics as will other Marylanders.  It’s true that a casino, especially one opened by MGM Grand, would bring in goo-gobs of money but my “no” rubber stamp is waiting with baited breath because I’ve heard from my Louisiana and Jersey folk about how the mob, prostitution, and drugs are a sure thing when you bring in casinos.  I don’t want that in the county to any further extent.  There are many stories of high achieving immigrant children being deported because their citizenship status is still illegal and that’s a shame.  But I also have a niece who’s an assistant manager at a pizza establishment, and she has horror stories on how immigrant store owners bilk and cheat the U.S. tax system.
Do you know any gay people?  Illegal immigrants? Children of immigrants? Gamblers? Will you consider any of these when voting?  Read up!!  Equality Maryland and The Maryland Marriage Alliance are both hard at work presenting their opposing views on marriage, knowing that the vote will have the final word.  Gonzales survey shows that African-Americans and Republicans definitely have the numbers to vote down gay marriage in Prince George’s County, but no one really knows what will happen when the partition is closed and one individual votes.

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