Mayor Eugene Grant Evicted From City Hall (Demo)

Mayor Eugene Grant TentSeat Pleasant’s Mayor Eugene Grant stated via social media, “Yes, this situation is an embarrassment. It is very unfortunate. But we will overcome. Seat Pleasant will rise again! This too shall pass.”  He’s referring to his recent eviction from office at City Hall.  I knew something was wrong between the Seat Pleasant City Council and the Mayor in January 2014, when the council voted to discontinue and defund the $100 million City Center project, saying that Seat Pleasant’s limited financial resources wouldn’t be able to be the brunt of such a massive financial undertaking and that the project wouldn’t be self sustaining.  Chairman Reveral L. Yeargin (Ward 3) was the only councilperson who sided with Mayor Eugene Grant on what would have been a game changing development for Seat Pleasant.  Fast forward to this week.  Mayor Eugene Grant has been evicted from the City Hall building where he had conducted city business since being elected 9 years ago.  It is alleged by some members of the Seat Pleasant’s City Council that Mayor Eugene Grant created an “abusive” and  “hostile” work environment for city hall employees.  To that, Mayor Eugene Grant said, “No, that’s not true,” he told us. “Does my voice raise from time to time? Yeah. I have a level of expectation.” [MyFoxDC news]  ” WUSA9 spoke by phone with Councilwoman Aretha Stephenson (Ward 2), “According to Councilwoman Stephenson, there is nothing in council’s charter that says they have to provide an office for the mayor, and that “We made this decision because our employees have a right to work in a peaceful and non -hostile environment.”
Seat Pleasant Letter From CouncilIn a Washington Post article, City Administrator LaTasha C. Gatlin alleges the city is removing Mayor Eugene Grant as a way of averting possible legal action from those the mayor has berated, “…officials had received 13 complaints about Grant’s behavior over his 10 years as mayor. A total of 44 people work for the city. In one case, City Council member Elenora Simms said, a summer intern alleged that Grant went into a rage and berated her for slipping a letter under his closed office door.” “There have been so many incidents up there at city hall,” Simms said. The council took action, she added, because “we are trying to protect the city from any lawsuit.”

Mayor Eugene Grant
Mayor Eugene Grant

The Seat Pleasant City Council met on Monday, August 11th, behind closed doors and voted by a simple majority to evict Mayor Eugene Grant from his office space.  The council sent him a letter ( stating that he should remove himself and his belongings from the city hall building where every mayor for the past 50 years has conducted business.  This is some absolute foolishness Seat Pleasant, MD. Your mayor has said on Monday, he will be pitching a tent in front of city hall and conducting business as usual.  Council Chair Yeargin voted against the eviction, according to the Washington Post, “[Yeagin] aid the ouster was premature. ‘Something like this should take a supermajority rather than just a simple majority,’ he said.”  State Senator Carol Benson has committed to intervening, “State Sen. Joanne C. Benson (D)… said she became “gravely concerned” after fielding calls Tuesday bemoaning the council’s decision. “I plan to sit down with the council and the mayor to see what exactly is the problem,” Benson told the Washington Post.
Seat Pleasant LogoSeat Pleasant Maryland, these are your city council people:  Johnie L. Higgs, At-Large, Kelly Porter, President, At-Large, Elenora Simms, Ward I, Aretha A. Stephenson, Ward II, Reveral L. Yeargin, Ward III, Gerald R. Raynor, Ward IV, Eugene F. Kennedy, Ward V.  All their terms expire in 2016. Get rid of the vast majority of them.  CALL THE COUNCIL’S OFFICE AT (301) 336-2600; visit their website HERE.  Blow their phone lines up.  Email your state Senator Joanne C. Benson at  Your U.S. Senators ares Barbara Mukulski, (301) 345-5517, email: and Ben Cardin (301) 860-0414.  Definite contact your U.S. Representative Donna Edwards so she can haul all their behinds in and make them act like adults,   (301) 516-71014, and she’s on Twitter at , and last but not least, County Councilwoman Karen Toles, who Mayor Eugene Grant ran AGAINST in the 2010 elections, is the Prince George’s County Council person representing Seat Pleasant. Oh yeah, your House of Delegates representatives are Carolyn Howard and Michael Vaughn, (301) 858-3691(800) 492-7122, ext. 3691 Email:


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