McDonnell/Cucinelli Pay-for-Play Scandal (Demo)

Where is the condemnation, the utter outrage at the citizens of Virginia for having the poor judgement to vote Governor McDonnell and Virginia State Attorney Ken Cuccinelli in to office?  When Jack Johnson and his wife Leslie aka droopy drawers committed their felonious deeds, I read the many, MANY national and local articles and most scolded the Prince George’s County voters for being dumb enough to vote in such a scallywag.  For an even more harsh scolding, all I had to do was scroll down through the article comments.  Keyboard cowards all but called the residents of PGCo a pack of dumb darkies who only vote according to race.  Well now, how about that Governor McDonnell and SA Ken Cuccinelli?  They are crooks.  I maintained the entire time that political under the table dealings were going on all over the DMV but PGCo was being unfairly bashed because of it’s Black majority.  Governor McDonnell has had to pay back more than $124,000 in “gifts” and Ken Cucinnelli said he and his family are in no financial position to pay back the “gifts” he’s received (coCucinelli and McDonnellugh-LIAR-cough).  They are crooks who took not-so-cleverly disguised bribe money from business people, lobbyists, and benefactors and they knew, no matter what the Cucinelli investigation reported, these donors expected something in return. This was, as it’s termed when someone of color gets caught, pay for play.  Comments on the McDonnell/Cucinelli pay-for-play scandal (yes, let’s coin that and stick with it) condemn the republican party, hate on conservatives specifically and politicians in general, but no one has given a tongue lashing to the majority white residents of Virginia for blindly and wildly voting into office a batch of white crooks.  
Carry Me Back to Ole VirginnyI am extremely proud of our local news sources for giving such fair and balanced coverage to the (say it with me) McDonnell/Cucinelli pay-for-play said it best, “Fox News and CNN have devoted little time to reporting on the ongoing scandal involving Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) despite being the subject of an FBI investigation that could potentially result in federal criminal charges. CNN and Fox covered the scandal for a combined total of at least 12 minutes during the period between April 1 and August 2. By contrast, MSNBC covered the scandal for almost 3 hours in that same period.”  I don’t expect Fox News to provide any substantive coverage but CNN is a major disappointment, but aren’t they always.  Now don’t get me wrong, some of my best friends and dearest family live in Virginia; I have nothing but love for the people of Virginia.  I see their vigilance and attention to this McDonnell/Cucinelli pay-for-play scandal quite refreshing. Go Virginia!  What I will admit is that I’m sensitive to this matter as a resident of Prince George’s County and a native Washingtonian.  And oh yeah, I’m Black.  None of these things disqualifies my opinion.  It’s these sensitivities that allow me to hone in on the facts.  The fact is Governor Bob McDonnell and Virginia State Attorney Ken Cucinelli are dirty politicians in the midst of scandal and investigation.  Very newsworthy. 

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Thank you for this post. I live in Prince George’s and work in Ward 8 in the District and I grow oh so weary of what to me has also felt like bordering on the lackadaisical reporting of the “McDonnell/Cucinelli pay-for-play scandal” when past experience tells me that if they were black it would somehow be a subject of daily reporting, snide comments, etc. When a politician allows themselves to get caught up in power and greed that speaks to who they are not their constituents. Even when we attempt to research (and sadly many of us do not) a candidate it is so difficult to use anything other than past behavior to make judgments. In the case of Jack Johnson that was my truth and I looked at how he ran the State’s Attorneys office when he was there and frankly I thought he did a good job of running the county. I think that if there had not been a sting he would have gone down as a good county executive in light of some of the growth that the county saw under his leadership. Again I appreciate your comments.

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