MD Money & Children Need Discipline (Demo)

ds.banner_updateI leave out of here for 5 days and return to a video so disturbing that I could only watch snippets of it.  I can’t even post it.  Fights broke out Friday, Nov. 15th, at Suitland High School.  Reports say that a young lady was being cyber bullied and in the video, she is the one being attacked.  Her boyfriend steps in to defend her and he is attacked, left with a broken jaw and other injuries.  What kind of little monsters are we unleashing on the public?  In the Fox DC report, an aunt of the female victim stated it best, “…it starts at home.”  The perpetrator has been removed from the school and criminal charges are pending.  I want to know what kind of home produced children capable of so much violence. What do we, as a society, do with teenagers that repeatedly stomp another student until his jaw breaks? I’m so SICK of the irresponsible parent. RAISE AND WATCH AND SET BOUNDARIES for your OWN children.  It’s not society’s responsibility to raise your spawn. Deal with it.  Ok. Sorry.  I’m back.  See the FoxDC story HERE.
House of CardsMaryland’s Department of Legislative Services has recommended that the tax breaks for such shows as “House of Cards‘ and “Veep” be discontinued.  A study they conducted found that the shows created no sustained economic growth for Maryland.  This after bowing to pressure from “House of Cards” for more tax breaks.  Unless these production companies are going to set up shop in Maryland and have long term plans that involve full-time employees and more shows, the $15 million in tax breaks provided to them is like burning money.  According to reports, Gov. Martin O’Malley has said that Maryland’s film incentive fund is responsible for 3,700 jobs in the state and $100 million in economic activity.  I don’t mean any harm but I seriously doubt that the $60 million Maryland has given away to production companies over the past four years has produced 3,700 good jobs or $100 million that real people can spend.  From CBS Local, “The DLS report suggests the General Assembly should allow the film tax credit to end as scheduled in 2016, citing the credit is only giving a small return on the investment which is roughly $60 million in tax breaks to productions like HBO’s Veep and Netflix’s House of Cards.”
rain water taxWhile Maryland is throwing money away or taxing the crap out of its residents with such wonders of economic chicanery as the rain tax, one congregation has actually found a way to reduce what it will owe in fees.  New Redeemer Baptist Church in Forestville is taking advantage of the Alternative Compliance Program offered by Prince George’s County, which reduces their Clean Water Act (rain tax) fee from $150 to $20 yearly.  The church leadership challenged the fee according to the Washington, Post, “After months of negotiation with county environmental director Adam Ortiz, the pastors emerged with a rebate deal that will significantly cut the fees if churches adopt programs and equipment that will curb runoff, lessen pollution and help bolster the environment. So far, about 30 churches have applied. Forestville Redeemer was the first.”  “The Prince George’s County Department of the Environment will donate these stormwater best management practices to the church as part of the new Alternative Compliance Program, which collaborates with faith-based organizations and nonprofits to reduce stormwater runoff. Forestville New Redeemer is the first church to participate in the program, which launched Oct. 22,” according to The Gazette.
Keys EnergyNow here’s a deal where I think Prince George’s County will actual come out winning.  Keys Energy Center, a natural gas fired power plant,  will be built in Brandywine, MD.  The County Council passed two resolutions endorsing Payment in Lieu of Taxes for the company.  From, “Council Resolution 89-2014 supported a PILOT for Prince George’s County property taxes. Council Resolution 104-2014,endorsed the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) PILOT for their property taxes. Over the next 18 years, Prince George’s County and the M-NCPPC will receive more than $43 million and $13 million, respectively, in property tax revenue from the two PILOTs.”  During construction, Keys Energy Center will employ upwards of 400 people and after completion, 25 full-time employees will staff the center.  Also, having a power plant located in Maryland will mean we don’t have to import as much electricity.  Keys Energy Center is off to a good start with the Brandywine, District 9 community too.  The company has committed $3 million in  funds for the 80,000 square foot Southern Area Aquatic and Recreation Complex project, which will be a multi-generational recreation facility in Brandywine constructed over the next two years.

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