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I admire bloggers who blog for a living.  Note: I am NOT downing my day job or the health insurance it provides.  It just doesn’t allow me to blog with the frequency that I’d like.  Since I last blogged, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving and you know before the sun went down on our blessed holiday, black Friday Christmas shopping was on and popping.  What I’m supremely hyped about this season is that two of the hottest Christmas events in the area are both located in Prince George’s County:  Evangel’s Christmas Celebration and ICE! at the Gaylord Hotel featuring Shrek the Halls.  I love it!  I know that my DC is boasting winter attractions like the two new ice skating rinks (Canal Park & Georgetown) but what about parking?  Hello?!!, says the no drivers license having person.  Evangel and Gaylord Hotel have the parking covered and that’s makes for a very enjoyable outing.  We have tickets to the Christmas celebration and I can’t wait.  
Laurel FireThanksgiving brought about some unfortunate fires (one bird-related) and such in the county I’ve been posting on car arson in the county and now I hear of a terrible accidental  New Carrollton fire that really wrecked Sutton Walk apartment building on 85th Avenue this past Monday.  Lord!  These people have lost everything.  Red Cross is trying to help them find temporary housing but they’ll need more.  Please contact your city officials about additional help.  See this LINK for their names and contact information. Today there’s been yet another fire at what appears to be a vacant home in Upper Marlboro.  After putting out the blaze, firemen discovered a body burned so badly that the person is unable to be identified.  Fire Dept. post HERE.

What else has been going on besides partisan bickering, name-calling, and finger pointing? Oh that brings to mind this current mess with Maryland’s Democratic Central Committee’s nomination of Greg Hall to replace disgraced former delegate Tiffany Alston.  Some of the Young Democrats are giving statements of support for Hall. I said this in another post and I’m sticking with it: Prince George’s County is in no position to put ANOTHAH person into public office with a severely blemished past.  I’m sure he’s made restitution and has changed his life but Hall would be a Marion Barry moment for Prince George’s County.  Don’t force this to prove a point.  It only makes the entire county look crazy.  I hate to say this, but after hearing Greg Hall in the below clip, yeesh.  Not the most articulate brother.  We can do better with a nomination that better represents the citizens of PGCo. 

And lastly, the ACC is suing University of Maryland for $50 million as a fee for exiting its conference.  University President Loh is trying to negotiate a lower fee but the ACC wants ALL their money, from the Diamondback, “the ACC expects the university to fulfill its exit fee obligation — due within 30 days of the university’s July 2014 exit — ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a statement.”

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