Medical Marijuana Legal and Property Value High (Demo)

I was going to try to work in the the word POTPERTY into the title but I thought naaah, too much.  *giggle* With impending legalized marijuana, gay marriage, bag tax support, looks like we’re turning into Washington, DC without the high property values but even that difference is slowly changing to mirror the over-priced city. 
HouseofCashThe Patch reported that, “The real estate company’s data shows that in a year-over-year comparison from February 2012 to February 2013 median sales prices are up in many Maryland counties, while the inventory of homes for sale is down significantly.”  The median home price in Prince George’s County has increased from $152k in 2012 to $165k in 2013.  Still WAY low compared to our neighboring counties but an increase none the less.
Marijuana plantHot from the press.  Today, the Maryland House of Delegates has passed a measure to allow medical marijuana in the state.  The House voted 108-28 for the bill on Monday, March 25th.  The measure now goes to the Senate.  The measure would create a commission to oversee a medical marijuana program at academic medical research centers that decide to participate.  This commission better be on the up because if not, Maryland is going to be high.  Plain and simple.

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