Messy Return from Vacation (Demo)

County Executive John Leopold indicted.  Mayor Vincent Gray being asked to step down after another campaign scandal.  Prince George’s County area stifled by flooding, heatwaves, and power outages.
At this point, I’m waiting for all the cows to start dying and locusts to flood the skies.  WHAT HAVE Y’ALL BEEN DOING SINCE I VACATIONED?!!!
Now I must say that I was giddy about ol’ Leopold being indicted.  He’s gallivanting around at casino openings and weighing in on topics as if his frail tail isn’t embroiled in scandal.  In the words of Judge Judy, County Exec. John R. Leopold, “YOU ARE RIDICULOUS.”  The Washington Post reports that ” Leopold was indicted on four counts of misconduct in office and one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary. The misappropriation charge is a criminal misdemeanor that would carry a sentence of one to five years. The remaining charges allege common-law violations, which means a judge would have wide latitude in sentencing if Leopold is found guilty.”
John R. LeopoldA grand jury indicted the two-term Republican in March.  What’s a mess is that he even got to two terms after many, many government employees came forward in 2010, to state that they had been sexually harassed by Leopold.  What’s more of a mess is that the press isn’t scolding the entire county of Anne Arundel the way they did Prince George’s over the Jack Johnson debacle.  But I digress.  The indictment alleges that Leopold sent police detectives on personal errands, asked them to drive him to remove a political opponent’s campaign signs and directed them to investigate political adversaries. Leopold is also accused having officers drop him off for sexual encounters with a county employee in parking lots.  IN PARKING LOTS!!! He faces four counts of misconduct in office and one of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary.  Umph.
Prince George's WeatherOn to the Maryland/DC/VA weather.  Our plane couldn’t land on Tuesday because of the quick burst of a storm that flooded the area, sending sewage and all manner of evil into basements, shooting out of toilets.  A collective “eeeew” is appropriate here.  Looks like another heat wave is on the way this weekend with the possibility of storms.  Pepco, et. al. need to be ready.  I understand that there’s no way to prepare for a microburst or a derecho, but it’s your job power utility people, so do it.  And don’t make residents pay extra for a job you’re supposed to do.  Power companies are getting as bad as insurance companies.  We all pay and pay and pay, but when we really need you to provide the service, you want us to pay more.  NOT RIGHT!  Pepco has asked that the ruling on their proposed rate increase for Maryland residents’ services be delayed until July 20th, so that maybe all power will be restored by then and y’all won’t be so angry.  Wow Pepco.  Just wow.
Mayor Vincent GrayDidn’t I tell you that DC Mayor Vincent Gray is going to be gone before year’s end?  DC will have its first white mayor soon, very reflective of the gentrified city.  People are dropping like flies around him.  Eugenia (Jeanne) Clarke Harris is the latest fly to hit the ointment in the Mayor Gray scandal.  Harris is 75 years old campaign aide who plead guilty in federal court to running a shadow campaign that funnelled $653k into Gray’s 2010 campaign.  Come on court, be merciful.  She’s 75 years old and her first name is Eugenia.  On the other hand, Ms. Mama did a fantastic job of “shadowing” that campaign until she got caught so, maybe she gets some community service time.  DC Council members Mary Cheh, Muriel Bowser, and of course David Cantania are calling for Gray to resign.  I think the pomp and circumstance that we call Mayor Gray will be a goner before the month’s end. 

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