Michael A. Brown’s Warning to PGCo Council (Demo)

How did you not learn EX-councilman Michael A. Brown of DC?  You are the son of former and beloved Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, and you swore to an oath of office that in no way required that you sully your father’s legacy, take bribes, and reject as a priority the people who elected you.  Wow.  What a dummy.  If you haven’t heard by now, EX-Councilman Michael A. Brown, Washington, DC, has pleaded guilty to taking hot-cash-bribes from undercover FBI officers he believed were businessmen hoping to gain his influence in getting minority business contracts.  From NBC4, “According to court documents, Brown admitted to accepting $15,000 in cash in a duffel bag that also contained a Nationals baseball cap and T-shirt. It was followed by another $10,000 in cash inside a Redskins mug, as well as other cash payments, according to News4’s Mark Segraves.  There the charging documents released in court also showed Brown accepted $20,000 in off-the-books campaign contributions from Jeanne Clark Harris during a run for city council. Clark Harris has already pleaded guilty to being part of a shadow campaign related to Mayor Vincent Grey’s 2010 campaign.”
Michael A. Brown will be sentenced October 3rd and faces up to 3 years, 1 month in jail.  What a dummy.  Soon after that will come 2014 and by then, Brown should be in jail, and in that same year, we Prince George’s County residents will be taking another look at our own council representatives for the 2014 election year.  This post, although mostly about the fall of Michael Brown, is more about sounding a continued alarm for our Council and government officials.  There is a pattern on repeat in this area: Black leaders are caught up in corruption.  Marion Barry, Jack Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, Harry Thomas, have all fallen and the press has had a field day with it.  Let me not leave out the token dummy FORMER County Executive Freaky Sneaky John Leopold of Anne Arundel County who had some of the nastiest crimes in the area and received far less of the press.

Forest City WashingtonBe on notice Prince George’s County politicians and officials, we are watching, reporting, and expecting better.   If you need more money, get a legal side-gig or full-time profession that will provide that.  DO NOT accept kickbacks, bribes, or illegal “campaign” donations and think we won’t find out.  WAMU has a developer’s donations “universe” chart up that details financial donations from Forest City, the developers for the New Carrollton site in Prince George’s County, to DC Council members and government officials.  WAMU also lists the affiliate names of Forest City so you can see that various “legal” donations are all coming from the same source, which is illegal.

Keep it clean folks. Keep it clean.  And if you are erring on the side of dirty, now is the time to take the time to clean it up.  Prince George’s County has large developments on the way and underway, please don’t find yourself on the next list.


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Good post. When it comes to keeping it clean in politics, and related to good governance overall, we have another huge problem here in Maryland: “sample ballots” in primaries and incumbent candidate slates. Having come from another state, I was floored when I first saw these sample ballots and realized they are legal. The result of this system is that in many cases we only pretend to have elections. In reality, our incumbent politicians are the ones who decide our elections by determining which candidates they allow on their sample ballots. (This kind of an insider system and control is obviously excellent breeding ground for all kinds of illegal/unethical deals and activities, if one is inclined that way.) When you combine this primary system with total one-party rule in counties like PG, we voters are pretty much fully disenfranchised. Sadly, many long-time Marylanders see no problem with this system.

Um, where did Michael Brown mention the PG County Council? Maybe this should be renamed to “PGC Blog’s Warning to PG County Officials.”

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