Millions Awarded for Housing Assistance (Demo)

The Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County (web site HERE) received $735,000 for homebuyers to receive down payment assistance to purchase homes in 5 zip codes.  WHICH 5 zip codes is currently a mystery to me.  I called their office (301) 883-5300 and was told to visit the website then I was transferred in to the line of a Cheryl Roberts, where I left a message.  Ms. Roberts called me back and is researching the 5 zip codes now so I should know something soon. Yay for the call back!  UPDATE: The six zip codes, I was left a message with six zip codes,  are: 20737 Riverdale, 20743 Capitol Heights, 20747 District Heights, 20748 Temple Hills, 20784 Cheverly/Landover/Hyattsville, and 20785 Hyattsville/Landover Hills/New Carrollton.  Enterprise Community Partners  (web site HERE) was awarded $3 million to acquire and preserve rental units in a multi-family rental development in Hyattsville and to use funds in a revolving loan fund once permanent financing is in place.  Not a day too soon for this money in Hyattsville because that area is in revitalization mode at a pace where affordable housing will need major help if it is to continue to exist.

House Vector ImageThe Attorneys General National Mortgage Settlement provided Maryland with $59 million, from which $14 million was designated for Neighborhood Stabilization programs. Another settlement, the $120 million national settlement with Lender Processing Services, Inc., provided Maryland with $2.9 million. In January, Lender Processing Services, Inc., settled allegations that it engaged in improper robo-signing and surrogate signing on mortgage defaults and foreclosures.

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