Monday Madness (Demo)

Black Friday, Cyber Monday: all this really reads for me is – CRIME TIME.  People all across this area are wilding out and making it unsafe for the average citizen.  Even the police are conducting some suspect activity.  Check the story on the SWAT team going after a PGCo lawyer. 

An aid of former governor Ehrlich going to trial for trying to suppress the vote; dirty politics is traceable you dummy.   A 6 year old dies due to a house fire, carjacking at a 7-Eleven, DC skirmish in Dupont Circle leaves one dead but all were from Maryland, and this crazy Wheaton abductor has struck again.

Carjacking near Suitland Parkway took place at a 7-Eleven on Branch Avenue.

Barbara Arnwine is the executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and an outspoked foe of voter supression .  Arnwine is also responsible for the “map of shame,” which displays voter id laws across the country.  She says that a SWAT team and members of the Prince George’s police force held her and her family at gunpoint for 3 hours.

  • WHAT is really going on here?

Hyattsville fire claims the life of 6 year old.  Four people were in the home which had no smoke alarm.  Two of the people remain in critical condition, one woman escaped on her own.

Former Ehrlich aid going on trial for doing dirty work during 2010 elections.  Patrick Schurick allegedly used robocalls to suppress voter turnout.

A third victim of the Wheaton abductor has been reported.  Like the other kidnappings and robberies, the abduction took place at Wheaton’s Westfield shopping center, but his time, in addition to being forced to withdraw money from ATMs, the victim was beaten.

  • Somebody KNOWS who this criminal is. TELL IT!

Jhonte Coleman of Suitland was shot and killed outside Heritage India Restaurant in Dupont Circle, 3 men were stabbed, and one other was also shot.  It seems, from the article, that Mr. Coleman was an employed Black man who took care of his child.  Now he’s dead.


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