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It’s a new day but same old crap took place over the weekend: a murder. Don’t any of these people ever get tired of killing & causing mayhem?
Murder in Riverdale, Small Arms Ranger Sued Over Lady’s Day, Unresponsive Person Found at MVA Parking Lot

Troopers are investigating at the Motor Vehicle Administration in Beltsville after an unresponsive person was found in a vehicle in the parking lot on Monday morning, say Maryland State Police. This is all the information available so far.
Woman murdered in Riverdale: No other words because I’m sick of writing about this foolishiness. All info to follow is directly from the PGCo Police Dept. blogspot: On August 24, at 8:30 p.m., police officers responded to the 5600 block of Kennedy Street in Riverdale for a check on the welfare. Upon arrival, officers found an adult woman suffering from a stab wound to the body. The woman was pronounced dead on the scene. Detectives are currently working to identify a suspect(s) and motive in this case.
Prince George's Gun RegistryThe Maryland Small Arms Range in Upper Marlboro has a promotion: each Monday is Ladies Day at the Range. All women get in free. This is not fair, according to Derrick Hunter. KSDK  quoted Hunter as saying, “Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean I should have to pay more.” Attorney Jimmy Bell filed a lawsuit for $200,000 on behalf of his client, special police officer Derrick Hunter, and last October he went to the range on Lady’s Day to practice shooting. Mr. Hunter got his drawers all in a knot after going to the shooting range on a Monday and seeing two women being let in for free. It’s a PROMOTION designed to get a certain demographic into the place and cause them to come back and spend money. It’s not a LAW Mr. Hunter. You had to spend $15, so he’s suing for $200k. Guess that special policeman’s salary needs some supplementing. From KSDK: Hunter complained to the Prince George’s Human Relations commission, who agreed the range was breaking the law. “He’s opened up a bag of worms with this decision,” said gun range President Carl Roy. Roy says if what he’s doing is illegal, then so are discounts for seniors, children, and the military. “I don’t see anything discriminatory about it. It’s a promotion that we run, just as any other business is entitled to run a promotion,” said Roy.  I don’t know about y’all but to me, this whole thing stinks.  Huffingtonpost and Washington Post reported that this lawyer has a history of suits like this: Jimmy A. Bell, appears to have a history with this type of suit. In 2010, Bell pursued $200,000 (again for alleged gender discrimination) from a salon after they charged him $2.00 more for a manicure than they charged a female friend. He eventually settled with the salon for an undisclosed amount.


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This Maryland Small Arms Range story is horrible. If we go down this road then what about Ladies Night ALL over this COUNTRY! You will have to sue ALL OF THE CLUBS! I can’t believe that the commission believes that this was breaking the law!? It’s a against the law to have a promotion?! What about children eating free?! I don’t have children! Isn’t this going against some civil rights of MINE?! Good Lord!

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