MONDAY!!!!! PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

PGCo is (gasp) segregated!, Laurel Mall being torn down and rebuilt into Town Center, County Exec. Baker gives the real on PGCo foreclosure rates, ICC opens this month, DC man charged with killing Howard students in Mt. Rainier, and County Exec. Baker and fed watchdogs are going after GSA for their leasing of an HHS building to a Rockville company

Excited about a new town center

I honestly can’t believe that the Washington Post decided to cover Prince George’s County as the segregated county. 

According to County Exec. Baker, foreclosure rates in the County are not as simply explained as you think.  It wasn’t just about people buying houses they couldn’t afford.

Oh joy.  The intercounty connector opens 2 days prior to Thanksgiving and to ride on it, you must pay, pay, pay.  The part joining 95 to Route 1 in PGCo is still not finished.  So I should use this thing because?

William Knight of DC was charged with killing Howard U. student Alonzo Guyton in front of an apartment building in Mt. Rainier.  Knights was charged while being held in a DC jail on unrelated charges.

You all know how I feel about the deal that went down with HHS awarding a lease to a Rockville firm when developers in this County came in with a better bid, etc.  Well looky looky: County Exec. Baker and some other federal watchdogs are asking for answers.  Oh I can’t wait to see these transcripts


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