Monday’s PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

It would be SO great if the FBI relocated to PGCo and the high up mucky-mucks are working on it, homes prices in DC & MD drop, Maryland wins Race to Top Grant for early childhood programs, Republicans not liking Maryland redistricting map

It would be a great coup for the FBI to move to PGCo.  Let’s start the buzz. 

DC’s prices have dropped by 9% and Prince George’s County prices have dropped by 7.4%.  The uptick is rental prices have soared to heights that are driving people to buy homes.  Come on to the County!  Things are looking up and the FBI is moving their headquarters here. 

Maryland is one of 9 states that received the Race to Top Grants, which are used for programs to prepare the little ones to enter kindergarten.  Yay!

Republican Party Chairman Mooney calls the new district map embarrassing and overreaching while democrats are pretty happy.


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