Money: Tax Free Week, A-Rod Stinks, Casino Competes (Demo)

Tax Free Week in MD is coming in August so get your little ones back to school lists together and get a little something for yourself to celebrate their return to school and peace in the middle of the day.  Baseball player Alexander Rodriguez aka A-Rod owns dilapidated apartments in Langley Park, Parx Casino owner pays $1.2 million for Fort Washington property and totally believes he’s going to win over MGM and Rosecroft
Shop Maryland Tax FreeShop Maryland Tax-Free Week runs from Sunday, August 11, through Saturday, August 17.   During this 7 days, qualifying apparel and footwear priced $100 or less per item, is exempt from the state sales tax.  Accessory items are not included.  There was a tax-free three-day weekend this year, February 14-17th, that allowed for the tax free purchase of  Energy Star Product.  Don’t know why that was included in the blurb I saw since the February date is so far in the past.  Uuuurgh.  See all the stipulations for MD tax-free week  HERE at the FAQs.

A-Rod, Alexander Rodriguez
A-Rod, photo Rudy C. Jones

Bedford Station, Newbury Square and Victoria Station apartment complexes in Langley Park are owned by management company, Newport Property Ventures, which is owned by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.  From the description in the Washington Post article, the place is a pest infested, malfunctioning grouping of about 1000 apartments that house a mostly immigrant population.  It’s my guess that the complaints the renters lodge have gone unattended to due to the citizenship status of the apartment dwellers, “Residents, who have filed hundreds of complaints with the county alleging serious problems with rodent infestations, mold, crumbling floors and ceilings, say the firm has not responded. A spokeswoman for Newport Property Ventures, in Coral Gables, Fla., declined to comment.”  This seems to be a pattern for the A-Rod founded Newport Property Ventures.  In 2012, another of his properties in Tampa, FL made the news after local news reported that the Newport Riverside Property was plagued by rats, roaches and, code violations,  rotting wood, “Newport Riverside, located near the Hillsborough River off of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., has numerous possible code violations, from fire hazards to rotting staircases. Residents say courtyard lights have gone months without fixing, while holes in walls and windows often do the same.”   There is also a New York Times article about A-Rod being a slum lord that documents as far back as the 1990s.
Parx Casino
From Washington Business Journal, “Greenwood Racing Inc. CEO Tony Ricci is so confident he will best two other competitors for the right to build a new casino in Prince George’s County that he’s not allowing himself to think of the possibility of losing.  Greenwood recently paid $1.2 million for the 22-acre piece of land in Fort Washington where it wants to develop an $800 million Parx Casino Resort & Spa, provided Maryland regulators pick his company’s bid over two competing sites also in the county.”  
I admire his chutzpah, but you can go ahead and color me plaid if MGM doesn’t get that gambling license and build at National Harbor.  “If we don’t win? We haven’t even had those conversations,” Ricci said. “We felt that our application was something that was going to be very compelling. I understand there’s competition, but we believe this is going to be the best opportunity for the state.”  Ricci said it might have been enough for the suburban Philadelphia-based Greenwood to put the land at 7707 Kaydot Road under contract but the company decided instead to buy the property and remove any question of Greenwood’s commitment to Maryland.”

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