MORE Car Arson, School Board Members Without Degrees (Demo)

When I last posted, there were 9 vehicles that had been set afire by arsonists in the course of 24 hours.  Now the total is 16.  Washington Post and Examiner are reporting that there are at least two arsonists that have been captured on security camera setting cars on fire.  Little losers.  Mark Brady, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department spokesman, said fire officials were not yet releasing any description of the suspects so as not to limit their search, and they also were not releasing details about how the cars were torched because doing so could jeopardize the ongoing investigation. “We’re not sure why they’re doing this, and hopefully they won’t escalate,” Brady said. “We’re trying to catch them and prevent that from happening.”  The Examiner gave a personal account from Pookey and Birdie Lane.  *note*Please tell me why a street is named Pookey Lane.*end note* 
“Upper Marlboro resident Jannifer Jenkins was driving out of her neighborhood to work the morning of Oct. 24 when she saw a car filled with flames on the 10700 block of Pookey Way.’I went past the corner of Pookey and Birdie Lane and I looked to my right and there was a vehicle full of fire,’ Jenkins said. ‘The fire was inside the car, and flames and smoke were fuming out of the driver’s side of the car.’  Jenkins immediately turned around and drove home to call 911, she said.  ‘What I imagine is someone threw something inside the car that made it go up in flames,’ she said.  After an initial string of nine arsons on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25, the fire department issued an alert detailing the crimes and the culprits struck again — seven more vehicles were burned on Oct. 28 and Oct. 29 in Bowie and Upper Marlboro. Three vehicles were also torched in a Greenbelt parking lot on the 7700 block of Hanover Parkway.
In each instance, a flammable liquid was used to ignite the vehicle, according to fire investigators. Most vehicles were parked on streets in residential neighborhoods, with the exception of the three vehicles in Greenbelt.”
Does it bother you that the only two members of the Prince George’s County School Board with college degrees are Verjeana (Bitter Pill) Jacobs (District 5)  and Peggy Higgins (District 2)?  Edward Burroughs III (District 8) is a Junior at the University of Maryland  (yay Edward!) and incumbent member Henry P. Armwood Jr. (District 7) has attended Merrimac University, Florida A&M University and Montgomery College.  So does it make a difference to you?  Read the article HERE and tell me what you think.  Should a county with such a large amount of college graduates have their school board populated with people without degrees that make decisions for educators?  

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I promise my husband and I drove past Pookey Lane yesterday and wondered the same thing! But on the issue at hand, I hope these arsonists are caught quickly!

I’m new to this area and was taking White House road to 95 and when I saw that, I did a double-take. Like, I’m hoping that’s a French spelling???
These car arsonist are jacking up my car rates. I just know it will. And I’m not happy. 🙁

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