Muse Seeks Senate and Home Values Sink (Demo)

To a standing room only crowd at the Camelot in Upper Marlboro, State Senator C. Anthony Muse announced his bid to unseat current U.S. Senator Ben Cardin.  In the meantime, former congressman Kweisi Mfume and County Executive Baker have endorsed Senator Ben Cardin.  

Uphill battle for Muse. Image: Matt Banks /

Home values in Prince Georges County have decreased by 36.5% over the past 5 years, according to several scary reports.  Maybe our county is just becoming affordable.  That’s how I see it.  I still think that home building has to be restricted like that in Brandywine.  Prince George’s is too heavily dependent on property tax dollars.

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PASTOR C. Anthony Muse is doing too much! Who is your flock? …can see a need for this separation of church and state.

You know Brad, I’ve often thought about him doing all of this, having a church, being married….I mean really!

Please be advised that as a member of our church, our Pastor/Senator Muse does a lot for all of us and he preaches his heart out everywhere he goes. This church is NOT without a pastor or leader. We applaud what Pastor/Senator Muse is doing. He does his best with such energy to fight for ALL of us in this county. It is too bad that people perceive Pastors as those who shouldn’t pursue an office that will help others as a servant of God and a servant of the people. The church is very well equipped with PLENTY of leaders (preachers/teachers) who know the Word of God and can always carry on when necessary. Al Sharpton does a great job as an advocate, Reverend and commentator for MSNBC; therefore, what is the difference? I’ve come to tell you that there is none! Always be sure of your facts before opening your mouth that leads to foot and mouth disease of spreading things that you are not aware of. Come and visit us and you will see how we carry on with or without our Pastor/Senator Muse. You will be treated with love and respect and we welcome you anytime. Pray for all of us and this nation. By the way, the Lady of the House is very very capable of handling herself as well as being a news anchor woman for Channel 4, attending services and alawys there for the church and her husband.
Thank you!

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