New Board of Education Chair (Demo)

On Saturday, Segun Eubanks was sworn in as the new Chair of the Board of Education, replacing Verjeana Jacobs.  I kept wondering why Eubanks name sounded so familiar to me.  He was the head of the county’s Commission for Education Excellence.  Didn’t we all know that that Commission was going to be the future of the board of education?  PGC BLOG PEOPLE KNEW!!!! PGC Blog People also know that after the county audits the board of education, more heads will roll.  
Segun EubanksEubanks is director of teacher quality for the National Education Association and is a parent of two Prince George’s students, which means he has a great stake in the school system.  He’s been a part of Bipartisan Policy’ Center‘s panel on education, “Beyond Politics: Why Education Shouldn’t Be A Partisan Issue” and for me that’s encouraging because this county needs leaders that will not pander to the Left or the Right and some fiscal conservatives.  Baker has 3 more appointments to make and they had better be good ones.  Everything is riding on the success of these appointments, especially since the last time he took over the education system, the chair wound up in jail.    County Executive Baker has passage way to make this an accountable system if he can, now that Citizens for an Elected Board has fallen short of the 8,000 signatures it needed by Friday, May31st to prevent the new school governance legislation from taking effect.  It says A LOT when in a county of this size, an organization cant get 8,000 signatures to support an elected Board of Education.

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On the surface, this looks like a good appointment (i.e., impressive resume for a press release). But, the fact that the “Commission for Education Excellence” appears to have produced absolutely nothing meaningful (see is a red flag for me. I’m really hoping Eubanks can deliver much, much more at the BOE.

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