New Governor Hogan and PGCo Slugs (Demo)

Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford
Larry Hogan (l) and Boyd Rutherford (r)

Larry Hogan is the new governor elect of Maryland.  Residents of Prince George’s County, where Hogan/Rutherford ticket garnered 14.76% of the vote, overwhelmingly supported Lt. Governor Brown and he lost.  Lt. Governor Brown only won in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Charles County (barely at 51.75%) and the City of Baltimore.  I didn’t believe Brown would win because I knew his handling of the healthcare exchange wouldn’t get him votes in the outer counties, and quite frankly, why should it have.  Governor Elect Hogan and Lt. Governor Elect Boyd Rutherford, don’t forget Prince George’s County.  There’s a lot of money to be made for Maryland in Prince George’s County but we must pour salt on our slugs because they refuse to move out of the way of progress.  Be sure to bypass the local legislature and talk to the citizen groups AND BLOGGERS about bringing transit oriented development, businesses and walkable living to our county.  We too want to salt our slugs but they have been protected. 
alarm clock term limitsQuestion J, which would have extended term limits for the County Executive and the County Council members from two to three, failed by a close margin 51.31% against to 48.69%.  In 22 years, term limit referendums have never passed.  What really hocked me off about this try was the way it was shoved down our throat.  The Prince George’s County Charter Review Commission recommended the referendum be added to the ballot and this commission in no way represented the thoughts or the position of residents.  They were appointed by County Executive Baker and did his bidding.  That sucked.  Then the Democratic Central Committee followed suit and reversed their position of not supporting it on a sample ballot.  That sucked.  Another point of suckiness is that the fuel that drove Question J came from moneyed developers Kenneth Michael and Edward St. John.  I don’t know if it’s legal but Baker would have had a better change of having his term extended had he not tied it to the Council.
Maryland’s legislature remains overwhelming Democrat so new Governor Larry Hogan and Lt. Governor Rutherford will have to work hard at working together.  I fully expect that the people of Maryland will be the central focus.  I will be watching and reporting.  Sadly, we have sent back some slugs like Senator Ulysses Currie, and Del. Joseph Vallario Jr. See link HERE for all results. We also have some rising stars coming to office like Delegates Erek Baron (Dist 24), Daryl Barnes (Dist25), Angela Angel (Dist 25).  There is reason to be encouraged and reason to be wary. 

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