New Schools Chief, PGCo Promised Land, Squabbling Govs (Demo)

Word is developers are referring to PGCo as the “land of opportunity.”
Interim School Chief chosen
Governor O’Malley and Governor McDonnell squabble over Romney’s tax returns

“I believe Prince George’s is one of the best bargains anywhere,” said Larry Hogan, president of the Hogan Cos. in Annapolis, which was founded in Prince George’s County. “Prince George’s is poised to really take off.  Bisnow held their 2nd Annual State of the Market last week where Larry Hogan, Jon Peterson of The Peterson Companies, Dick Knapp of Foulger Pratt, Chris Lessard, Lessard Design, Ken Smondrowski, and Midgett Parker participated in a panel discussing the development prospects of Prince George’s County.  The Gazette reported that Dick Knapp made some predictable comments about the public image of Prince George’s County being that of a high crime county, “Folks have to go into this with their eyes open,” said Dick Knapp, senior vice president for Foulger-Pratt of Rockville. He spoke about potential “social issues” such as crime, and advised developers to ensure they are specialized in operating in this space.  I mean really Dick?  Manassas, Woodbridge, even Gaithersburg and DC have public crime issues and you’re warning folk to basicaly brace themselves if they set up shop in PGCo.  Wow.  Good to get it out in the open.  Prince George’s County has an image problem. 
On Friday, Prince George’s County Board of Education named Alvin Crawley as the interim schools chief.   School officials say Alvin Crawley, the deputy chief of programming for the district’s special education office, will take over Sept. 4. He will replace Superintendent William R. Hite Jr., who stepped down to lead the Philadelphia school system.   This guy is relatively new to DCPS, has never run a school system, and none of the old heads know who he is.  I asked some really great administrators and teachers from DCPS and the most I got from them was, “oh, he’s new.”  The county school board has said it expects to select a permanent replacement by next spring.  The School Board is hosting forums the process for choosing the next Superintendent so as to make this a  transparent process and decision.  The next forum will be held Thursday, August 30th at Northwestern High School, 6:30pm-8:30pm.  There is also a website with a timeline for processSchool board Chairman Verjeana M. Jacobs said in a statement that Crawley will provide stability as the board searches for a new superintendent.
On the Meet the Press Roundtable, Governor O’Malley (MD) and Governor McDonnell hashed it out over Romney’s tax returns, Medicare and all the team Obama/team Romney issues.  Tax returns are turning into Romney’s “birther” issue.  Who’s winning?

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