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County Exec. Baker’s wife has early onset dementia.
Ceasar’s Entertainment to open a Harrah’s Casino in Baltimore by 2014.
School system HR Chief to resign. Attacked a trooper and charged with leaving accident scene


Rushern & Beverly Baker
Rushern & Beverly

The Washington Post did a great article on our County Executive and how his family is coping with the early onset dementia diagnosis of his wife Beverly.  It’s heartbreaking to read.  Mr. Baker and his family are pulling together to make sure Beverly is well cared for but her condition continues to worsen.  I can’t write anymore.  My hormones are all over the place today and I just might cry.  Rushern is losing his wife.  That is heartbreaking no matter how you vote.
The State of Maryland Video Lottery Facility Location Commission has granted a license to operate a video lottery terminal (VLT) facility in downtown Baltimore to CBAC Gaming, LLC, the investment group led by Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Rock Gaming. CBAC Gaming plans to invest more than $300 million to develop Harrah’s Baltimore and somewhere, as we read this together, David Cordish, owner of Maryland Live! in Anne Arundel County is having a Florida Evans moment.  He is throwing down a bowl right now.  David Cordish had the nerve to present the terms to Anne Arundel legislators by which he could live with gambling expansion in Prince George’s County two days ago.  The Washington Post got their hands on a copy and listed some of the provisions.  It all amounts to him receiving a much bigger cut of the profits and having to pay way lower taxes: the state tax rate on slots would have to be lowered from 67% to 55%, Maryland wouldn’t be allowed to pay for road improvements in PGCo for casino, National Harbor casino wouldn’t be able to open until 4 years after Harrah’s Baltimore.  And the list goes on and on and on.


Synthia J. Shilling aka Synthia J. Kucner, human resources chief for Prince George’s County school system  gave notice of her intent to resign to outgoing Superintendent Hite yesterday.  Hite knew she had already caught a charge when he hired her.  According to the WPost, Schilling was pulled over by Maryland State  trooper four years ago for a traffic stop.  Shilling was given probation before judgment and fined more than $400 for second-degree assault on a Maryland state trooper four years ago in Anne Arundel County. According to police reports, Shilling kicked the state trooper in the face and bloodied his lips.  She also received probation before judgment for driving while impaired at the time of the incident.  Here’s the rundown of the incident: A MESS.  While the state trooper placed Kucner in the police car, she “pulled her right leg up with her knee near her chest and then kicked striking the left side of my face. The heel of her foot made contact with my upper and lower lip causing both of them to split.” Kucner’s blood alcohol level was 0.16, or twice the legal limit, six hours later at the detention center, according to the report.  All this from the Post, not me.  What I will say is that it sounds like this one HERE is a drunk, an angry drunk.
Synthia J. Shilling, who I couldn’t find ANY PHOTOS of, is currently scheduled to go to trial Aug. 27 in Anne Arundel County District Court for allegedly leaving the scene of an accident, according to court documents. She is charged with reckless and negligent driving in the May accident, which caused property damage but no physical injuries, according to court documents.

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