Nordstrom Warehouse Theft Ring Shut Down (Demo)

Donnell Angelo Norman of Waldorf arrested for stealing over $60k in luxury goods from Nordstrom Warehouse.

Nowadays, anyone else would be happy just to have a job, but not Donnell  Norman.  He was blessed to be hired as a contractor at the Nordstrom warehouse in Bowie, Maryland.  Then D. Norman, being the over achiever that he is, promptly took an additional position as member of a theft ring and started stealing from Nordstrom not long after his hiring. 
On June 18, 2012, a loss prevention officer at the Nordstrom warehouse observed Norman opening boxes and concealing assorted merchandise. He then left the warehouse and placed the merchandise in his vehicle. Norman then returned back to the warehouse and continued working.  D. Norman aroused suspicions when he started showing up to work wearing a heavy winter coat, but the weather was a summer-like 97 degrees.  OOOOW YOU DUMMY!!! 
Donnell A. NormanOn June 19, Norman was arrested for stolen merchandise recovered on his person. While Norman was incarcerated, investigators obtained a court-ordered search warrant on his vehicle, cell phone and his home.  The Special Enforcement Division was able to recover approximately $2,000 of stolen merchandise from Norman’s vehicle and $38,000 in assorted jewelry and clothing from his residence.
Sgt. Aubrey Thompson of the Special Enforcement Division said Norman “would sell it (the merchandise) from his house like it was a Nordstrom Counter.”
If convicted, D. Norman could go to jail for up to 15 years all for some material stuff that will be out of fashion and obsolete by the time his sentence is completed.  Dude, was it worth all that?  The police department is also working to find the people Norman sold goods to via advertising through his cell phone.  That’s probably another charge.  OOOW YOU DUMMY!!

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