Not News: Mixed Use Developments, Artomatic, Sonic and Such (Demo)

Not News SmallWhat’s going on PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY?!!! Woooo-hooo!!! I know it’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ll tell you about that later.  I had the great horror of having a family member get really sick in PGCo. What an ordeal. WHAT an ordeal.  Y’all keep my family in prayer as we get through this. In the mean time, the county is still jumping.  So much good and bad is going on. I’m uber sensitive to the crime reports on the county but hey, crime is news.  What doesn’t make the news is stuff like this:

Ascend Apollo
Ascend Apollo

Ground breaking of Ascend Apollo, a mixed use development located right outside the Largo Town Center Metro Station that will include approximately 40,000 square feet of commercial space for retail and restaurant uses, and over 1,500 multi-unit family units. Also, Tapestry Largo Station Apartments on Lottsford Road near Largo Metro Station are 51% leased even though I don’t believe the building is finished yet.  That’s a good sign for a sorely needed transit oriented development front.

Artomatic 2015Artomatic 2015 is a six-week long art festival in Prince George’s County, MD, right by the New Carrollton Metro Station that is “by artists, for everyone.” It is absolutely free to the public.
This year’s event features more than 700 artists: Visual art, music, performance, film, and more. Workshops, tours, seminars and other events are held throughout the duration of the show.
No matter what kind of creative events you like, you will find something for you at Artomatic. Artomatic runs October 30 – December 12,  8100 Corporate Drive, New Carrollton, MD (Right next to the New Carrolton Metro Station). This is a great way of preparing that area for the coming downtown area. Check the Artomatic website HERE for details.

Energy Efficient HouseThe County is developing “net zero” homes (NZE). These homes, by way of their energy efficient design, cost the owners zero in utility bills. Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County (RDA), along with its partners Urban Green, LLC, Monument Bank, and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development broke ground for the County’s newest net zero energy (NZE) house in Mt. Rainier. This modern, energy efficient single family home will produce as much energy on an annual basis as it consumes leaving the homeowners with a utility bill of zero. The new net zero 4 Bedroom and 3 Bath, 1,800 sq. foot home will be located across the street from the Mt. Rainier ArtsSpace Building, and will be built by developer Urban Green, LLC. NZE homes are cheaper to operate and maintain (designed for zero cost energy usage) and they are healthier homes to occupy. The cost for the project is $356,000, with a projected sale price in the low $400,000s.
Forty under 40Prince George’s County’s very own Forty UNDER 40 list is out.  These cohorts meet with county officials and are driven to make a difference by serving in PGCo.  Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund is hard at work at utilizing the talent in our bedroom community so that we don’t keep getting stuck with career criminals politicians due to lack of new and talented residents.  The 4th Annual Awards Ceremony will be held on January 28th, 2015 at the Sunset Room at National Harbor.
SonicSonic Drive-In is coming to Capitol Heights at 8950 Walker Mill Road.  I do believe that’s near or at the Ritchie Station Plaza or near the Wawa.  Note: I am directionally challenged and will take any navigation advice offered. 
Ok, that’s enough for right now.  Give me the weekend to catch up on the politics and get some blog talk radio shows ready for production. Be sure to follow me on Periscope (pgcblogging) so I can actually finally do a broadcast.  Ha!!!

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Seeing ‘SONIC’ in print gives me goose bumps… (lolol); but, I digress! The ‘Ascend Apollo’ story is great news especially with the restaurants in the plans. I’ve been disappointed ever since that e-mail circulated asking ‘what restaurants we wanted on that site by Jasper’s {former BET Sound Stage}. Ruby Tuesday’s wasn’t one and as much as I can make do with Outback, it wasn’t either. #ijs

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