O’Malley Crashes GOP & Black, Oxon Hill Republican Spotted (Demo)

Governor O’Malley “crashes” bitter white man GOP convention 
JoAnn Fisher represents Prince George’s County at the GOP Convention

O’Malley didn’t really “crash” the BWM/GOP Convention.  He was a surprise guest on Tuesday for the Democrats Rapid Response War Room, which is held a couple of blocks from the Tampa site of the GOP convention.  The Republicans will have the same set-up next week in Charlotte at th Democratic Convention, where they will seek to debunk the messages being broadcast from the convention.   Maryland Reporter quotes O’Malley as saying, “Romney economics would spell disaster for America’s middle class,” he said. “Gov. Romney does not have what it takes to grow this economy. The lessons he learned as a corporate buyout specialist were not lessons that should be applied to a national economy.”  Gov. O’Malley even went after GOP top model, Gov. Chris Christie by bringing up New Jersey’s unemployment rate, 4th highest in the nation.  Maryland GOP leaders from the Senate and House called O’Malley to the carpet in some ugly ways, woo.   State Senate Minority Leader E.J. Pipkin, R-Upper Shore shot back, “Maryland Delegate & U.S. House of Representatives candidate Tony O’Donnell chimed in, to say O’Malley is making “a mockery of the free-enterprise system” in Maryland, and called O’Malley a “fraud.”  He went on, “The country deserves to know what a fraud O’Malley is…We have a structural deficit of over $1 billion, we’re losing jobs at a higher rate than anyone else in the country and we have an underfunded pension system.”

JoAnn Fisher
JoAnn Fisher

JoAnn Fisher might be that one Black woman the GOP keeps showing in their coverage of their convention.  Other than being proud of the President and having some relatable issues, JoAnn has not a connection to the President or democratic party.  She is featured in a Baltimore Sun article where she stated, “The community that I live in is very, very heavily Democratic,” said Fisher, a 65-year-old Oxon Hill tutor who served 15 years in the Navy. “But why should we all be Democrats?” On the issues that matter most to Fisher — education, seniors and the economy — it is the GOP that she says has the right answers.  She also feels the entrenched Democratic leadership in the Washington region was not open to discussing policies or new ways of addressing some of the problems she sees in her neighborhood.  I actually agree with her here.
More from the Baltimore Sun: Fisher was elected in April as an alternate to the convention but was moved up to delegate status when another member from Prince George’s County dropped out. Delegates have more work to do in Tampa — and they get to formally cast a vote for the nominee.
A member of the Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee, Fisher frequently volunteers to help the poor and homeless. When it comes to Mitt Romney, she is strong supporter — but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t make a tweak or two to his platform.  “Mitt Romney is the best choice for the Republicans,” Fisher said. “I like him personally as a choice. I do think that some of the issues he will have to refine a little bit better to include everybody. Right now, we’re having serious issues with unemployment. We need to change that.”

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