O’Malley Hospital & Greg Hall Heated (Demo)

Governor O’Malley requests $200 million for new hospital
Greg Hall calls it quits after string of losses and a nasty exchange.

Baltimore Business Journal and other local news sources report, “Gov. Martin O’Malley has asked the legislature to approve $210 million over five years to help construct a major new hospital in Prince George’s County. The funding, contained in his proposed state spending plan released Wednesday, calls for $30 million in the upcoming year and the remainder through 2018. The 2014 funding would cover real estate acquisition and architectural designs, as well as minor improvements to Laurel Regional Hospital.  The amount is slightly more than the $200 million originally sought by hospital planners.”
This is good news because we need a huge, shiny bright new reputable hospital to go along with our new casino.  #AddictionWardNeeded 
After a reportedly ugly meeting of the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee where Greg Hall and Committee Chair Terry Speigner had a rude exchange, the Committee formally withdrew its nomination of Greg Hall.  According to the the Gazette, the meeting exchange between Hall and Speigner went like this, “Hall asked if he could again submit his name for consideration, and Speigner refused, saying that he had already been vetted as a candidate and that the process would be redundant.  A few minutes later, when Hall wished to speak, he fought for Speigner’s attention with the words “Hey, excuse me,” which drew a rebuke from Speigner.  “It’s not ‘hey.’ I’m the chairman,” Speigner said. “I don’t know what you are,” Hall shot back.  Speigner said the committee would perform a final review of the three recommendations before submitting their names to O’Malley later this week.”

Greg Hall
Greg Hall

Greg Hall lost his lawsuit and appeal and he’s even suffered more loss after a clothes dryer overheated Sunday night at Hall’s home “setting the lint alight and catching the house on fire. There were no injuries, but Hall said it caused about $80,000 worth of damage. He’s working with his insurance company as his family moves around, staying with friends,” he told the Examiner.  I’m not saying that Hall can never be forgiven or that he can never represent a district.  I just don’t believe now is the right time for him.  He’s got to work on a LOT of image issues, which he has to know impact the people you represent.  Yes, image is that important.  In the meantime, the new nominees from the Democratic Central Committee are Judge orphan’s court judge Vicky L. Orem, Esq., attorney Clayton A. Aarons, Esq. and defense contractor, Phillip Raines.  The Governor doesn’t have to pick any of them and it is suspected that he probably won’t.  
Greg Hall added this to his Examiner interview, “They couldn’t beat Greg Hall — they know they couldn’t,” he said. “Maybe I’ll just run for governor.”
I’ll end this post by stating this: Greg get a PR team before you do or say another thing.

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