O’Malley Sets 2nd Session For Gambling (Demo)

Maryland legislators to hold a second special session for gambling this July.

After coming together like a bunch of feuding frat boys for a 90 day General Assembly Session and accomplishing just about nothing, (breathe) THEN needing another session to avoid a “Doomsday” budget full of cuts, half of which probably need to be made in order to shore up Prince George’s County’s budget, (breathe) NOW Governor O’Malley is setting up ANOTHER special session to handle the National Harbor casino issue.  When asked by reporters if there would be a definite second session, O’Malley responded with a “Yes.”
“Certainly we have to address the gaming issue,” O’Malley said. “The presiding officers are pretty committed to it, as am I.”
The presiding officers being Senate President Too Many Names Miller, who has family affiliation with Rosecroft Raceway, and House Speaker Michael Busch of Anne Arundel County, which stands to take the biggest loss if gambling comes to National Harbor.  I bet there will be a whole lot of back alley ugly in these negotiations.  Already O’Malley is speaking of what concessions and compensation Prince George’s will have to make to its competition.  Y’all don’t even know how to do wrong right. 
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