Our World: Politics, Progress, & Painful Loss (Demo)

NeShante Davis
NeShante Davis & baby Chloe

I can’t say that it’s beyond me to kill another human being if it’s in defense of my or my family’s life.  That, I believe, is understandable.  What is beyond comprehension is turning a gun on a 2-year-old baby and her mother and killing them because their existence threatens your sorry way of life or your triflin way of thinking.  The February 2nd death of 26-year-old PGCo school teacher NeShante Alesha Davis and 2-year-old Chloe Nichole Davis-Green, both of the 1300 block of Palmer Road in Fort Washington has me pissed and puzzled.  Reports from Prince George’s County Police Department are the father of baby Chloe, Daron Boswell-Johnson,  is currently in custody and has admitted to his involvement in the deaths. The tag at the end of the WJLA news stories read “The man was ruled Davis-Green’s father via a paternity test last fall. A Prince George’s County judge ordered he pay $600 in child support in December.” I don’t want to think that something that small, something that could be negotiated could have driven a man to kill his child and the mother of his child. Right now, I’ll just wait on the rest of the details. Well the details have come in and he did, in fact, kill them because of the child support payments. There is nothing but loss in this situation. He will never see his life outside of a jail cell again and the family of NeShante and Chloe are left to mourn their death.  Umph. Woo. Lord help me.

Governor Hogan‘s state of the state address highlighted Maryland’s reductions in fees and taxes and the increase in revenues from a growing Maryland economy fueled by more businesses and not more taxes, “Revenues are now $150 million higher, and we have already eliminated nearly 90% of the $5.1 billion structural deficit that we were faced with at this time last year. Fiscal discipline, combined with our improving business climate, means that this year we will achieve $1.1 billion in the Rainy Day Fund and maintain a $450 million cash balance. But the flip side of Hogan’s “fiscally responsible” budget is that there are no operating funds for the new Prince George’s Regional Medical Center that will be located in Largo, $70 million for education funding not restored (not sure how I feel about that one), and there are no funds in the Capital budget for PGCo projects.  Delegates David Moon and Darryl Barnes cite projected $400 million structural deficit inherent to Hogan’s budget. County Executive Baker is hot as fish grease over Hogan’s budget because, “You can’t come back to me and tell me how much I get — it’s our money, it’s our tax dollars,” from the
Glenn IveyMan. Politics is the only channel where you can always find a fight. Getting out of the fight for Congressional District 4 seat being vacated by Rep. Donna Edwards is Delegate Derreck Davis and former Councilwoman Ingrid Turner.  Davis will continue on as a Delegate and Ingrid Turner is seeking the office of Circuit Court Judge. Glenn Ivey is looking like a winner for the District 4 seat.  I keep getting emails from former Lt. Governor Anthony Brown saying he’s in the lead, but it is Ivey who’s leading in fundraising.  I have more confidence in Ivey.  Brown managed to muck up the roll out of Maryland’s health care exchange in a pretty awesome way and his loss to Hogan was stunning, at least it was to him.  Representative Elijah Cummings will not seek the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Maryland champion Senator Barbara Mikulski.  I’ve been mostly keeping up with the national primary races. YEEEESH! On both sides: YEEESH!! Huckabee, Paul, FINALLY O’MALLEY, Santorum, and who knows who else will drop by the time I post this. 
Folks are protesting
Woodmore Town CenterWoodmore Towne Center is doing well. 90% occupied, new restaurants and retail.  Citibizlist had the good news, “…owner-developers of the 140-acre mixed-use development Woodmore Towne Centre, announced today the Centre is 90 percent leased with recently signed tenants 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza, Hook and Reel Cajun Seafood Restaurant, Honu Hawaiian BBQ, Kumon Learning Center and Wings 21. The new tenants in the 700,000-square-foot Centre will open in late March/early April.  ‘Woodmore Towne Centre is quickly becoming Prince George’s County’s premier retail center,’ said Terry Richardson, president of PRV.
Education tech firm 2U Inc. is moving its headquarters to New Carrollton, Maryland.  The company has committed to the creation of more than 900 jobs in the county over the next five years. Their new location at 7900 Harkins Road is located within the New Carrollton Transit Oriented Development site.  Prince George’s County is providing a $1.5 million conditional loan through its Economic Development Incentive (EDI) Fund. Additionally, the Maryland Department of Commerce is providing a $2 million conditional loan through the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority and Fund (MEDAAF) program. This is a great use of the EDI fund.  One of my readers has a son that works for the company and he raved, “Great company!…2U benefits are phenomenal!”

Florida Ave MarketFlorida Avenue Market/5th Street Market is now gentrified its tenants into having to leave. The newly crowned Union Market will have none of you lowly wholesale shops that cater to the common man.  Pfffffft! Jaded Washingtonian aside, I would like to know the benefit of bringing these businesses to Landover.  The Economic Development Corp. is wooing this group of wholesale apparel/accessory shops, ethnic food suppliers, restaurant suppliers, carryout restaurants, cellphone repair shops and various sundry store owners to PGCo. I know that 5th Street Market used to be jumping on the weekend, but quite frankly, the place stank to the high heavens and the stores and facilities weren’t kept in the best condition.  Washington Business Journal covered the story. Check it out HERE.
Census BureauJury’s still out on how I feel about the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) June 2016 move to the Suitland Federal Center. The Center is the current home of the Census Bureau and NOAA’s satellite operations center. I used to work in a building on that campus many moons ago.  I was one of the few people who would venture out into the neighborhood on foot (gasp) at lunchtime. The surrounding area has not seen ONE benefit of that fortress they call a federal campus being in Suitland. It’s a shame too.  The neighborhood with all it’s small town-like storefronts and walkable main streets just wastes away because there are no businesses to entice the people into coming out to enjoy the neighborhood.  County Exec. Baker on the move, “”BEA’s move to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s “Data Campus” in Prince George’s County will mean hundreds of high quality jobs, potentially resulting in a measurable surge in economic activity in Suitland – one of our high priority Transit Oriented Development target areas as well as one of our six Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative communities.” I’ll try and be hopeful.

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The idea that there is no capital funding for PGC is wrong. There is 27 Million earmarked for building the Largo Hospital. What Baker, Miller, and company are all hot about is the 15 million funding for Dimensions Healthcare. That money was an agreed upon subsidy for a certain timeframe. That agreement expired last year and was not renewed, thus no need to continue supplying the subsidy. Baker’s biggest issue with this is that without the subsidy in place keeping rates artificially low, Dimensions may not qualify for the “certificate of need” they have to have in order to build. If Dimensions doesn’t build in Largo, all of Baker’s pipe dreams for Largo go up in smoke. I wrote about all this over at Red Maryland: redmaryland.com/2016/01/miller-busch-lying-about-hospital-funding-in-prince-georges-county/

Thanks so much. I’ll check it out.

The main issues are jobs and Trauma services. While Red Maryland is correct, her article fails to address the larger issues. First- Dimensions (and one will argue therefore PGC) is on the hook for huge legacy cost (ie. pensions, etc) Next- Dimensions has been hemorrhaging money for years at the expense of PG tax payers. Next- the SEIU union is a very powerful lobbyist. Next- PG hospital is an inner city hospital that serves ward 7 of DC & the inner beltway. So is a 650 million dollar hospital built with taxpayer money the best solution? Less expensive solutions like incentivizing Med Star to expand Trauma Services at Southern Maryland , in joint, with Maryland University; opening multiple heath centers like Bowie Health center throughout the county, staffed by University of Maryland Physicians, and employing dimension staff. The Gov’s current plan has us on a path into a crisis and PGC to foot the bill…. not cool, we need a viable plan.

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