Over the Weekend (Demo)

Trampling at the County fair
Shavon Phillip’s alleged murderer caught


At about 4:30 pm, Saturday, September 8, 400 to 500 patrons  of the Prince George’s County Fair evacuated the infield area of the Equestrian Center as tornadoes and strong thunderstorms were moving into the area.  The patrons started to converge to the one exit closest to the Showplace Arena. Congestion at the exit of the infield and the entrance to the arena occurred causing some people to panic.  In the rush to exit, some people fell to the ground and sustained injuries as the crowd continued to push through the exit and into the arena.  The incident required several ambulances, paramedics units, and Medical Ambulance Buses.  Of the 12 patrons treated on the scene, 4 required transportation to the hospital. A young girl experienced an asthma attack and three others sustained bumps/bruises and sprains/strains. All injuries were non-life threatening and all patients were in good condition. The remaining 8 patients declined transportation to the hospital. The County Fair remained closed for the remainder of Saturday.

Joseph Foster Jones
Joseph Foster Jones

Seems there were no murders or major mess reported over the weekend.  On Friday, an August 7th murder was solved when suspect 31-year-old Joseph Jones of the 6900 block of Mountain Lake Place in Capitol Heights, was arrested for the murder of 22 year old Shavon PhillipsJoseph Foster Jones allegedly picked up the victim Shavon Phillips to take her to a car auction in Fredericksburg; she was carrying $3,800 in cash.  He killed her for the money is what police are saying.  She completes nursing school, saves enough to get a car, is loving and taking care of her child, and she is murdered by a man for $3,800.  What kind of animal are you? Look at this dude’s picture.  Monster.  This goes beyond a bad, snap decision. You lack something vital needed to function as a human being within society. 


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