Paradoxical PGCo (Demo)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, is how this post should start out.  In advance, excuse the errors and misspellings because I’m going free hand with this posting.
WHAT IS THIS PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY?!!!!  It is serene, picturesque,  quiet, and full of beautiful homes.  But it is the place where a mother and son were found shot to death; it’s where two teenagers have been charged with stabbing a 74 year old man, who later died.  PGCo is the place where a police officer was in a shootout with 4 men last night. 
Look, I’m trying to be a viable citizen of PGCo, but I need to know what the heck I’ve gotten myself into and where to go from here.  In DC, sadly, you come to expect the crime, especially with the gentrification that’s going on.  In PGCo, there is SO MUCH less of that but the crime persists.  It’s embarrassing quite frankly.  It is whispered in some circles and broadcast in others: Prince George’s County is that Black county.  Be careful driving through there.  But that’s not the county I experience at Bowie Town Center, Old Town Upper Marlboro, Hyattsville, and Riverdale Park. 
Hello!!!! (crickets) Well Ima just keep with my point.  There has got to be some concerted effort to strike back and disprove the notions about PGCo.  I’m definitely going to have to be a part of it because I can’t afford to move and neither can you.
A lot of crime seem to be concentrated along routes that lead directly into and out of DC; YUP I said it.  Capital Heights via East Capital Street; Forrestville, Clinton, Suitland, Hillcrest and District Heights via Pennsylvania Avenue, and Ft. Washington via  South Capitol Street.  Yes it’s a sweeping generalization but at least I’m willing to put it out here. 
I’m sure the PC police are approaching so I may as well assume the arrest position.  The whole county is getting a bad rap because of crime going on in these corridors.  Yes there is crime in Bowie and Glendale, Upper Marlboro, BLAH BLAH BLAH.  The bulk of crimes are concentrated along certain entry/exit ways and that’s just truth. 
I’m sick of waking up to this truth on the morning news.  And furthermore about the morning news: they can broadcast all the crime in Prince George’s County but you can’t give us one spot on the weather map?  We’re not all living in Clinton. 
I’m a little discouraged with PGCo today but it’s temporary.  I’m going home to my quaint street with my nice, law abiding neighbors in a county that contradicts itself as I sleep.

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