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It is my duty to inform you of the following pursuant to blah, blah, blah.  Hope this information keeps you in the loop.  Please pass it on to anyone in the county who’s looking for work or to persons interested in meeting the new Schools CEO/Superintendent.  There’s a business bootcamp on Friday August 16th for persons interested in opening up shop in PGCo and Lord knows we need as many businesses as we can get. 

Dr. Kevin Maxwell
Dr. Kevin Maxwell

The Prince George’s County Board of Education will host a meet and greet with new PGCPS CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell Tuesday, Aug. 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. at DuVal High School, 9880 Good Luck Road, Lanham. For information, call 301-952-6001 or email
Job Fair Donna Edwards
Maryland Representative Donna Edwards is sponsoring a job fair Thursday August 29th, 10:00am – 2:00pm at the Sports and Learning Complex, 8001 Sheriff Road in Landover, MD.  Bring several copies of your resume, prepare a 30 second script about yourself, come dressed as if you have the position you desire,  and BE EARLY!!  For more information, visit Rep. Edwards website HERE or call the office (301) 516-7601.
ClozynergyThere’s another job fair taking place this Thursday, August the 8th at Suitland Elementary School, 10am to 1pm but I can barely make out the information from the flyer.  As best as I can tell, Clozynergy and Prince George’s County are jointly sponsoring a job fair for renewable energy marketplace jobs.  Information on Clozynergy: Clozynergy is a non-profit that prepares residents from Prince George’s County Maryland for energy jobs. They do this by teaching the energy life cycle and leading citizens to action. Currently Clozynergy’s founder, Terry Goolsby is leading an on-going program at Suitland Elementary School. I recently had the opportunity to participate with the students and get a sense of what they’re learning. I was quite impressed by how far these students have come since the program started last fall (2012).
MD business bootcampIf you are interested in opening a business in Prince George’s County,  attend the MD Business Bootcamp on August 16, from 9am-5pm, at Keller Williams Training Room, 9701 Apollo Drive, Largo, MD, 20774.  The event is sponsored by Windsor, Wyeth & Ward, LLC, Instructor, Jason Fenwick.  This bootcamp will show you how to launch your business and fast-track your success. Topics to include: conducting an initial feasibility analysis, defining your sales strategy, preparing a start-up plan and budget and much more. Invest in your own success and register at  Tickets for this event start at $297, which I don’t understand.  I might have to give these people a call.
UPDATE:  I spoke with Mr. Jason Fenwick who explained to me (after telling me he was offended by my question related to his business) is that the price adequately reflects the full day of business advice you will receive from professionals at the bootcamp.  The full day events is a “comprehensive program that takes you through the process” of starting a business.  On average a business consultation with a professional business analyst costs $250, $300 for a visit to the accountant, and $150 per hour for consultation with a lawyer he said.  Mr. Fenwick stated that a person starting their own business has to invest in advice.  I have some advice too for Mr. Fenwick, please don’t be so thin skinned.  It is my desire to see WAY more in Prince George’s County than the big box stores we have now.  I’d love to see some funkier spots like what exists in Adams Morgan and we can only accomplish that by wooing businesses to open in our county.  I’d love to see the MD Business Bootcamp full to the brim.  Going forward, stay in contact with PGC Blog so we can work together but know that I and my readers will always have questions.  Don’t take offense.

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Yes, call these bootcamp people please. Anyone wanting to attend the event needs that $297 to open their business! Looking forward to the follow-up.

I got a response Shannon. See the post for the update.

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