PGCo Building Collapses While Police Implode (Demo)

Building collapse in Landover. Man still missing.

Prince George’s police officers charged with kidnapping.

The roof of a  one-story document storage warehouse caved in last night at around 10pm.  The Recall Document Shredding warehouse is located at 1501 Cabin Branch Drive in Landover.  25 employees escaped but one employee is still missing.  His family remains on vigil at the site.  It is thought that a worker using a forklift may have clipped a support beam causing a domino effect of collapsing beams.  After three overnight searches by firefighters, workers brought in K-9 searchers to explore the area where the man was last seen. No one has heard any cries for help.  The structure was deemed too unsafe for entry or search and the building’s stability is decreasing as time goes by; some of the walls are buckling.
The police officers involved might have been, in their own warped way, trying to teach these kids a lesson or maybe they called themselves disciplining them but now THEY’RE the ones on punishment.  According to an attorney for one teen, on May 28th, two Prince George’s County police officers were off duty, in plain clothes and driving a police cruiser when they arrived in Waldorf and apparently tried to scare three teens who had been accused of stealing alcohol from a party. The officers handcuffed one teen, and another escaped.  One teen was beaten. Prince George’s County Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis said of the arrests, “The expectation is that police officers conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner whether they’re on duty or off duty.” Within 24 hours of the alleged Memorial Day weekend incident, the Prince George’s County Police Department suspended the officers’ police powers pending the outcome of the investigation. Both officers are assigned to District II. Officer Michael Rowe, of Upper Marlboro, is a five-year veteran. Officer Christopher Perry, of Waldorf, has been with the department for four years. A suspension hearing is scheduled for Monday during which the officers’ pay status will be determined.  
I don’t believe that this is an anomaly.  We’re living in a different time and the mess people used to do and get away with is being exposed.
Charles County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Diane Richardson says both officers were released Thursday on personal recognizance. They have been charged with false imprisonment and second-degree assault.

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