PGCo Crimes Not Pretty (Demo)

Well my dear PGC Blog family, it’s been a while since I blogged but I’m back.  What’s been going on besides everything? Good grief.  I take one little trip out of town and the area goes nuts.  As much as I hate to post on crime, crimes have taken center stage over the past two weeks.  Three suspects were apprehended for the robbery of a Clarion Hotel in Oxen Hill where 27 year old food and beverage manager Jesse Chavez we murdered after trying to stop the suspect Deandre Weems.  You know what the trigger man, 20 year old Deandre Weems (pictured, left) of SE DC, had to say about the murder? “The guy should not have tried to play the hero…”  What kind of warped criminal mind is he and his two henchmen working with? Weems along with Oxon Hill Clarion Hotel SuspectsKimfrey Williams (pictured, right) and Rinaldo Savon Washington (pictured, center) have all been arrested.  All three are from SE DC and will hopefully spend the rest of their days being “rehabilitated.”  A special HUGE THANK YOU to the person who called in a tip to the police after overhearing Weems’ statements about the shooting.  Whoever you are, please know that we appreciate what you did and that you helped make our neighborhoods safer.  Prince George’s Police Department officials believe that these three are responsible for many robberies throughout DC and Prince George’s County.  What makes the crime all the more tragic is that Deandre Weems was arrested on September 5th, Weems and Washington were arrested in Prince George’s County after a traffic stop. Police found illegal drugs and a stolen handgun in the car they were riding in, according to court documents.  Weems also missed a court date on October 10th but yet, he was still on the streets.  Shouldn’t have been.
PGPD BadgeWJLA reported, “Police descended upon the area near Belcrest and Adelhi Roads early Tuesday [October 29th]  afternoon, in search of a man with a gun who had robbed and sexually assaulted two different women.  The first incident took place in a wooded area between the Plaza Apartments and Northwestern High School near Chillum. Investigators say it happened around 1:15 p.m. A man walked past two women who were walking in the 6700 block of Belcrest Road, then swiftly turned to follow before forcing them into the woods. He then robbed them at gunpoint and sexually assaulted one – until a noise finally scared him off.
Fifteen minutes later, police say he struck again less than 100 yards away.
This time, it was two males and a female. He robbed them before sexually assaulting the woman. It was after this second attack that police launched a full-out search. “We put up the police helicopter, deployed the K-9 team, and we are actively looking for this suspect,” said Julie Parker with the P.G. County Police.  The suspect currently remains at large and is being described as a Hispanic male — approximately 30 years old, 5’6″ to 5’10”, with a slim build. He was last seen wearing camouflage pants and a red baseball cap.  Investigators are asking residents in the community to be aware and on the lookout. Anyone with information is urged to call the CID Sexual Assault Unit at (301) 772-4908.
Liquor BottlesA policeman, charged with observing the law and ensuring our safety, was suspended from the Prince George’s Police force for driving under the influence of what is thought to be alcohol.  12-year veteran PGPD officer Rodney Lewis was driving in Fairfax, early in the morning and hit a jersey wall.  Yippity skippity, dude you were drunk.  The investigation reveals Lewis was driving an unmarked cruiser on Interstate 495 near the American Legion Memorial Bridge when he lost control and struck the jersey wall at 2:45 am on Friday, October 25, 2013. Lewis was taken to an area hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries. The responding Virginia State Trooper suspected Lewis was under the influence of alcohol.  Currently, Lewis is suspended with pay and  assigned to the Regional Investigation Division.  PGPD’s Special Investigation Response Team (SIRT) is investigating.

Sean Ross Alpert
Sean Ross Alpert

Brandywine, MD resident Sean Ross Alpert gets all stabby for no reported reason.  Police have identified and arrested a man with an extensive criminal who allegedly attacked and injured three other men outside the Charlotte Hall WAWA on Saturday night around 9:29p, October 5th . Sean Ross Alpert, age 37, was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center, charged with 2 counts of 1st Degree Assault, 3 counts of 2nd Degree Assault and 1 count of Reckless Endangerment. Alpert is currently being held without bond. The District Court currently lists Alpert’s town of residence as Port Tobacco, however, police maintain that he was residing in Brandywine, MD at the time of arrest.  Deputies discovered two victims suffering from stab wounds and a wrist injury. A third victim was located and complained of a head injury. One victim was flown by Maryland State Police helicopter to Prince George’s County Hospital Shock Trauma Center for treatment. The other two victims were treated locally and released.

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Hey Ceemac, thanks for clearing up the sexual assault issue, which prompted the mother of one of my daughters friends to wake her up to report it and say, “That’s why Hyattsville is a bad neighborhood.” We live in Hyattsville, which is admittedly more urban than Bowie where this woman lives. Yet, needless to say these incidents could certainly happen in the wee hours of the morning anywhere–not to excuse them. In fact, I’ve lived in PG for almost 20 years and the only place I’ve been mugged so far is Georgetown. Yes, I guess that mecca of wealth and privilege is a bad neighborhood, too.
I’m confused about the reference to Chillum, though, because it is no where near Northwestern. Believe me the press never fails to mention if Northwestern is near the scene of any crime, which is unfortunate for the school’s rep.

I’ll be sure to note that info on Northwestern’s location. The media has no real clue how to report in Prince George’s but to lump all of it into one crime-riddled bag. Read my post Shifting for a look at how the crime rates in this county continue to drop. We have to rebrand one post/story at a time and spread the word about this blog.

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