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Let’s give it up for the Intuitive Group for creating coworking space in Capitol Heights.Intuitive Group, a local government consulting firm located in Prince George’s County has announced the recent launch of it’s brainchild Clout Workspace.  Clout Workspace is shared coworking environment located in Capitol Heights, Maryland specifically dedicated to supporting local small businesses, freelancers and independent professionals in and around the metro area.  The first of its kind in the area, the workspace not only features lounge areas for open collaboration, it has private meeting rooms, a small training room, shared offices and dedicated desks.” Let’s keep this momentum going in that Capitol Heights corridor: Hampton Park Project, Capitol Heights Metro Station development, and now we have WORKSPACE?!!! Doing my George Jefferson strut. This is how an area makes a turn around, with development, accessibility, partnerships and innovative thinking.
Seat Pleasant has been selected by IBM as their partner to build the foundation establishing Seat Pleasant as a Smart City of Excellence. Seat Pleasant is joining other Smart Cities who use data to improve outcomes in security, safety, resilience, and social services. The city will build an Intelligence Operating Center which will essentially give them an app and support that makes gaining responses from city hall easier. The city app is available through Google Play store or Apple. Use the search string “Seat Pleasant” and up comes the app. See the interview below if the whole Smart City thing is still unclear. I had to watch it myself.


Westphalia Town Center

Is it just me or does it seem like folk just WANT the Westphalia development to fail? Washington Business Journal keeps the tea flowing on Westphalia developers, Walton Westphalia Development Corp., defaults and financial woes. I know they’re just reporting the news, but geez, the “b” clause to their stories is always an explanation that the project is really doing fine. “The developer behind the Westphalia Town Center is advancing the project on multiple fronts despite the recent receipt of a potential default notice tied to more than $34 million in maturing debt.”
MD Governor Hogan let a bill become law that snatches governor’s power to appoint liquor board members. This after his appointee Charles Caldwell had to resign after being arrested for a DUI after the MGM National Harbor Hotel grand opening. I have told you all that I get some of the political mean-girl games Hogan plays with Prince George’s County, he sincerely does not like the county or the county executive (say my sources), but the pettiness he flits our way is just well, petty.  WTOP referenced part of a petty letter from Hogan that stated, “…it is clear that oversight is needed…Hogan referenced the federal investigation that led to the indictment of two former state delegates on corruption charges.’The current state of corruption was very much a local government problem,’ the letter reads. Hogan said there should be more state oversight, not less.”
Dimensions Health Care Unlimited, the nonprofit parent company of the current Prince George’s Hospital Center and the Baltimore Washington Medical Center have asked a judge to stop Anne Arundel Medical Center from opening its new cardiac surgery program. It looks like the proposed cardiac care center for the new Regional Medical Center in PGCo would not be sustainable if the surrounding counties and cities can rely on all the best insured residents of the county as patients. From the Baltimore Sun, “In its certificate of need application, AAMC listed more than a dozen zip code areas from which it expects to draw patients from in Prince George’s County. Lawyers for Dimensions and BWMC noted that those are the wealthier areas in the county, where residents likely have private insurance.” I sayeth this, there are enough heart disease patients in PGCo to distribute throughout the DMV. Make sure that this Regional Medical Center operates above board medically and as it pertains to customer service, then the well-insured residents of PGCo will CHOOSE to come to the hospital. Put your time and effort into insuring that the medical center employees are the best and the surrounding area is amenable to working professionals. Let Anne Arundel have their cardiac center, but let their cardiac center be justified without relying on PGCo residents. How is that fair?
Bowiefest is Saturday, June 3rd: From the website – This year’s Bowiefest will be held on June 3rd at Allen Pond Park.  It features rides, performances, contests, and a host of food and drink options throughout the park. There’s also an Arts and Crafts fair, a Business Expo in the Ice Arena and local organizations of every size and interest will be on hand to introduce you to what they do and perhaps entice you to get involved.


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