PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Wells Fargo owns PGCo commercially, PGCo ranked in top digital counties, murders in Beltsville and lovely District Heights, Candidate Debate for District 6 seat on Thursday, August 25thPGCo Did You Know

Too many businesses foreclosing in PGCo.  Hyattsville Town Center and Westphalia (ugly name) are now both owned by Wells Fargo.

PGCo ranked one of the top digital counties.  That’s odd because the schools and government are just ditching the dial-up but hey, I’ll take the honor.

Woman killed today in Beltsville. Suspect in custody.  I like the PGCo police.  They are good at making arrests of the right people.  Check out the perp with a blanket over his head. 

Come out to Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church, 610 Largo Road, on Thursday August 25th for the District 6 Candidate Debate.

I just posted about how beautiful and warm the District Heights neighborhood is and then THIS happens: 92 year old woman killed in District Heights home.  Who kills a 92 year old woman.  Neighbors are really shook up. 


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