PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Essence relationship editor is a PGCo native, University of MD is greenest in DMV, Temple Hills shooting, PGC0 911 Center not well, Pepco cleaning up its rep.

Essence editor, Demetria Lucas aka the Belle in Brooklyn has a new book focused on living your best single life; she’s also from Prince George’s County. 

Robbery/abduction suspect accidentally shot by police officer in Temple Hills

PGCo, new 911 call center tested during Hurricane Irene.  I have some feedback from one of my blog readers for the head of this center; not a good experience with operator AT ALL.  If you have a story, good-bad-indifferent, about your experience with the new call center, drop me an email at the PGCBlog.

University of Maryland ranked highest in region by Sierra club for it’s greening

Pepco did a better job this time responding to hurricane outages.  Let’s give them a little dap but just a little.  No gold medals for doing your job.


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