PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Jack Johnson will still get a pension to the tune of $39,468 a year.  These lawyers better go after it for restitution.

Car thefts in are PGCo down by 60% from last year

Good Review of “Captain America.” It really sucked on a LOT of different levels.  And I should have stayed in PGCo to see this movie.  Georgetown also sucks now and it’s not just because I’m no longer in the youth demographic.

New PGCo Arts and Humanities Council

PGCo Police Department arrests 2 Pepco Contractors on major copper theft.  Pepco: Need a PR Rep in PGCo.  (placing imaginary telephone to my ear) Give me a call.  Let’s talk.

Maryland’s Mental Hygiene Administration is sending out checks to the dead

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