PGCo, did you know (Demo)

Suitland rapist CAUGHT, Does the term PG County bother you?,  Legislation to ban slots moves forward, Minority democrats oppose redistricting map

That sorry, sick joker raping women near the Suitland metro station has been identified and arrested.

Are you bothered by the term PG County or do you prefer the full Prince George’s County?  I personally prefer the latter or PGCo and that’s MY CHOICE AND RIGHT TO BRAND WHERE I LIVE.

Councilman Olson’s bill to ban slots is gaining steam.  Religious and community leaders are lining up behind the measure and County Executive Baker has not endorsed slots in PGCo. 

Maryland minorities have deemed this new redistricting map unacceptable. Asian American, Black, and Hispanic leaders met and jointly denounced the redistricting map.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing.


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