PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

PGCo making big bucks on speed cameras, Female bank robber in Beltsville wanted, PGCo cab driver killed for 75 cents,  District Heights woman gets $9925 Pepco bill, County Exec. Baker betting on slots or not? 

So far, the County has taken in $500,000 in speeding tickets.  WOW!

Attempted bank robbery by woman.  She fled on foot after the holdup alarm was sounded.

Prince George’s County cab driver Domingo Ezirike was shot to death by DC resident Rashad Slye over a dispute concerning the cab’s heat and radio, and oh yea, 75 cents. 

My first issue with this is WHY did you not see anything wrong with not receiving a electric bill for 2 years?  Didn’t you think something was wrong?

County Executive Baker is shifting his focus from slots to a tour of cites in the County ripe for the developing.  I’m not a supporter of slots or gambling as a means of tax base because the schools in Louisiana, Mississippi, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas SHOULD be at the top of all lists for excellence based on the funds brought in from gambling. 


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