PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Intercounty Connector spans through PGCo Nov. 22nd,  Heritage Foundation thinks PGCo teachers are overpaid, Lawsuit filed by 9 Marylanders over redistricting, BWI Airport getting a makeover, Bowie resident embezzled from church, Carroll County Commissioner throws stone at PGCo then hides his hand, Bowie Police catch person who robbed Girl Scouts

Am I the only one with a “big stinkin deal” attitude about this 10.4 miles of road they call the ICC in PGCo?


Joint lawsuit being filed by 9 citizens in federal court as a result of redistricting in Maryland.  The plaintiffs cite 14th Amendment violations, gerrymandering, and a lack of majority minority districts as their platforms

BWI Airport is being expanded, updated, and beautified to the tune of $100 million dollars.  Another checkpoint will be added as will space for food and retail, and passengers will be able to move between concourses without having to go through security again.

Jason Todd Reynolds of Bowie was sentenced to more than 8 years in jail for embezzling $851,300 from the National City Christian Church in Northwest DC.  Reynolds, the former financial officer for the church, was ordered to repay all the money he stole plus over $185G in taxes.

Carroll Commissioner Rothschild used Prince George’s County as an example of how mmart growth policies had lead to crime and poor schools. Rothschild has offered a really lame explanation but no apology.

Bowie Police apprehended a juvenile as he fled from them at a 7-Eleven in the same shopping mall where the theft of the Girl Scouts took place.


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