PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Landover man is the Wheaton carjacker, Maryland Senate says “no slots, NO HOSPITAL,  Man runs toward police with blade so man gets shot, Prince George’s County School board being sued by parent of Freeman Middle School, Campaign finance records just got a little more transparent  

Landover’s Henry Sanders is the one who’s been preying on our senior citizens and robbing, beating and carjacking, them.  He was out on parole for other offenses when he was arrested.

Maryland Senate President V. Mike  Miller (D-CALVERT COUNTY) really wants slots in Prince George’s County for some reason.  He’s saying the only way for the County to raise the $600 million needed for the hospital is for slots to be allowed at Rosecroft.  Senator Mike, do you gamble?  I’m sure we can arrange to bring an establishment much closer to YOUR OWN HOME.

Michael King, who was wanted on drug charges, ran toward Maryland state troopers with a 4 inch blade so Michael King was shot in the head and leg.

Latoya Mason, mother of a seventh grade student at Drew Freeman Middle, is suing Prince George’s County School Board after she says her son was Image: nixxphotography / dragged out of the cafeteria during the school’s spirit week and beaten.  The son was dressed as Ice Cube’s character Doe Boy from the 1990s movie “Boyz in the Hood.”  You gotta read this.  The county police officer asked the little boy was he “gangbanging.”  Dude it was a spirit week outfit reflective of the 1990s.


The new site includes a streamlined campaign finance reporting system, which puts much more information at the public’s fingertips. 



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