PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

New Council Chairperson chosen, Marylanders lead DMV in deliquent mortgages, Hot Chocolate marathon was hot mess, Maryland has highest mortgage deliquency rate, Burger King and the liquor store robbed. 


 Prince George’s County Council’s new chairperson is Andrea Harrison (D-Springdale).  The WaPo article calls the County Council divided but they unanimously voted her in.

Maryland has a highest rate of deliquent mortgages in the area and the rate is higher than the national average.  Let’s get some help people and take the smug sound out of this guy’s report.

I don’t know WHAT happened, besides what is being reported, in Oxon Hill at the Hot Chocolate 15/5K race, but it’s reported that racers were made to run in the opposite direction of the race path, it started an hour late, supplies ran out, and more. More than 22,000 runners showed up and…

Burger King at 3900 Bladensburg Road was robbed by three “men” during the morning hours on Monday, around 11 am; one of the robbers had a gun.  Earlier that samed day, Three Roads Liquor in Brandywine was robbed at gunpoint by two men who escaped in a stolen car.  This kind of crime will make you stay home and eat right.


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I love the information, as well as the hilarious headlines. “Go figure, Hot Mess, No more burgers and liquor” Really enjoy the blog!

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