PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

PGCo Did You Know
Night club shinanigans, former sherriff’s deputy “allegedly” sexually assaults a man, Peruvian chicken near Ballys, and getting tased.
Former Mt.Ranier police officer indicted on charges of attempted murder and other charges related to sexually assaulting a man

ESPN called PGCo a “hoops hotbed.”  Didn’t know Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley were from the County.

PGCo developer, Karl Granzow was conspiring to extort public officials (JACK JOHNSON) to do stuff that should have been done anyway

Peruvian chicken restaurant is in Greenbelt now

Ralph Williams of Baltimore sued a Forestville based company after arguing with a PGCo Sherriff’s deputy and being tased not far from the club.  He lost the suit.

Maryland State revenues $300 million above expectations


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