PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

PGCo police investigating boosting rings, PGCo residents obese     and have poor access to health care, Cafritz property project (Wholefoods) may not be certain, Jack Johnson facing disbarment in DC,  Baker going forward with slots

Yes, criminal rings are still stealing Tide, Tylenol, Similac and such.  Here’s a way we can all combat this theft: STOP BUYING STOLEN GOODS PEOPLE!!! 

  • STORY HERE with pic of dude rolling out with a shopping cart full of Tide

According to a report on Prince George’s County’s health measures, sponsored by the Community Foundation for Prince George’s County, The Consumer Health Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente, 1 in 3 County residents is obese and Prince George’s have less access to health care than its neighboring counties, low numbers of physicians and high numbers of uninsured residents.

The Riverdale Park Town Council has not set anything in stone pertaining to development plans on the Cafritz property where the new Wholefoods would be located.  At issue is a tax legislation bill, PG 418-12, which proposes tax exemptions for certain types of economic development in Prince George’s County. 

After pleading guilty to charges and NOT informing the DC Bar Association, former county executive Jack Johnson is now a candidate for disbarment. 

County Executive Baker “anticipates” that in order to fund a new state of the art  medical center in Prince George’s County that slots will have to be an open.  Hope he plans on doubling the funding for our police department because we going to need them.


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