PGCo, did you know… (Demo)


Officials say don’t count on FBI moving to PGCo but reporters think PGCo is on FBI shortlist, Thieves indicted for defrauding housing authority, Superintendent offers retirement/resignation incentive to close budget gap,  Education Week ranks Maryland Schools number 1  

Officials from GSA are saying that most federal agencies that need to relocate won’t be moving due to the economic climate.

Editorial Staff of Examiner seems to think we’re on the short list for FBI relocation choices.  Additionally, the county seems to be on the come up as it becomes more business friendly and better managed.

Four people, two from PGCo, have been indicted for stealing $1.4 million dollars from the Baltimore Housing Authority by way of a dummy (appropriate name) company.

Superintendent Hite believes that if enough people retire or resign, he can close the $44 million budget gap between revenues and expenses. 

Education publication Education Week ranked Maryland Schools number 1 and if we want to stay atop that list, Prince George’s County better close that budget gap and rein the rogue teachers and administrators in.  The “A” was attributed to schools’ preparation of students for college and careers, early childhood education programs, equitable distribution of funds, and overall student achievement

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