PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Prince George’s to benefit from Maryland’s $960 million in foreclosure settlement
Slots referendum a disappointment so far
County hires firm to woo FBI headquarters to PGCo

Holland and Knight, LLP, have been secured by Prince George’s County to lobby Congress and the GSA in an effort to convince the FBI to move its headquarters to the county.  Washington Business Journal calls the county’s effort “fledgling” probably because Fairfax and Loudon counties have entered the contest.  Let’s prove them wrong.
Prince George’s County still leads all Maryland counties in foreclosure rates so the county stands to greatly benefit from a settlement agreement between banks and the federal government over shoddy banking practices and rushed and haphazard foreclosure proceedings against American homeowners.   Maryland Attorney General, Douglas Gansler will set up a hotline for Marylanders who used mortgage servicers Chase, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Ally, and Citigroup, 1-888-743-0023.  Residents who make payments to the five banks in the settlement can also contact the Maryland HOPE (Homeowners Preserving Equity) hotline at 1-877-462-7555 or go to the program’s Web site 
Council Chair Andrea Harrison (D-District 5 ) says that several provision of Senate Bill 892 are a “no go.”  The bill, proposed by Douglas J.J. Peters (D-Dist. 23) Bowie, calls for a statewide vote on whether slots will be allowed in Prince George’s County, and the legislation requests are larger profit portion to video lottery owners and allowing licences video lottery owners to also offer table games.  Some proceeds from these SLOTS would go to the Economic Development Fund (5.5%), and to pay for the new hospital (2.5%).  Both Councilwoman Harrison and state Senator Peters say they are against slots in the county.  Harrison is particularly salty about the provision that pays proceeds to fund the new hospital.  Story HERE.
I say PHOOEY on all involved.  WHY should the entire state vote on allowing video slots and table gambling in THIS county?  I’d vote for allowing gambling in any county BUT mine if a referendum was placed before me.  That’s exactly what’s going to happen.  If 51% of County residents don’t vote “no” to this bill, we’re on our way to becoming Atlantic City.  And who wants to live there?

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