PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

County speed cameras generate $2 million + since Sept. 2011, Massive Konterra development looking for tax breaks, Deal reached to buy back Disney property at National Harbor, and why did Superintendent Hite meet with school board candidates?

Thanks to the rushing residents of the county, speed camaeras are on schedule to generate $4 million dollars by the end of this fiscal year; they’ve already brought in more that $2 million.

sheelamohan / FreeDigitalPhotos.netKonterra, a gigantic shopping, business and mixed use development coming to Laurel, is asking County Executive Baker to amend property tax legislation to allow them some breaks.  State Delegate Barbara Frush has proposed just such an amendment.  Konterra is said to be on the scale of Tyson’s Corner so I say…

Disney and the Peterson Companies are hammering out a deal to bring the parcel of land back into the National Harbor land portfolio. 

Prince George’s Superintendent William Hite may have crossed some boundaries and by meeting with candidates for the school board.  Of course he’s trying to make alliances because that’s the name of the game but is this ethical?  Incumbent Edward Burroughs III along with 13 school board candidates attended the Monday night meeting with Hite.  Rev. Joseph Kitchen and several other candidates chose not to attend or were unavailable.


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Get rid of tax breaks!
If businesses need a tax break it means there is something wrong with the tax structure.
Fix that problem!
Don’t go around giving special breaks to favorites, or campaign contributors or bribers.
Special tax breaks most often lead to more corruption and/or subsidies for companies that are not economically viable and will going bust or want even more handouts.

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