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Maryland Delegate wants to see a copy of feasibility study on moving of Dept. of Housing to Prince George’s County
Maryland legislation would keep misdemeanor violators out of jail
Riverdale, Maryland fire that injured 7 firefighters ruled an arson
O’Malley to sign same-sex marriage into law; opposition gathers signatures

Delegate Mary Dulaney James (D-Harford) is saying that she wants to see for herself the feasibility study that justified Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development from Anne Arundel County to Prince George’s County.  She and Delegate McConkey (R-Anne Arundel) believe that General Services Assistant Secretary Michael Gaines is withholding the study and she and her committee have a right to see it.  Mr. Gaines is currently in negotiations with a developer for the New Carrolton site and doesn’t want the release of the documents to interfere with negotiations.  Anne Arundel officials and representatives are strongly against the executive agency move from their county, siting increased operational costs and longer commuting lengths.

A proposed piece of legislation would mean misdemeanor crimes get citations instead of arrests.  This has police officials concerned because the ability to haul a person in for a misdemeanor gives them time to assess the criminal situation. This proposed legislation has changed a lot and continues to evolve.  It seems the main focus is to cut judicial costs and reduce the stress on the system, reduce the number of judges, public defenders, state’s attorneys needed for the 170,000-180,000 people who are arrested in Maryland on a yearly basis.


Evidence of foul play was found in the adjoining house in Riverdale, Maryland where the devastating fire took place.  Of the 7 firefighters injured in the fire, 1 remains hospitalized. 

Maryland’s Governor O’Malley can’t put his pen to the paper fast enough to sign the same sex marriage bill tomorrow.  Opposition forces are hoping to gather twice the amount of signatures needed to bring this to referendum in November.


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