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Brandywine party ends with stabbings, Whole Foods might NOT be coming to College Park after all, EX-Church Deacon Convicted on Prostitute Assault
Two seriously pressed people crashed a birthday party in Brandywine and caused a LOT of trouble.  Six teenage males suffered a plethora of non-life threatening injuries.  According to reports, two people were stabbed and taken to a hospital in critical condition, three people were cut and another person was kicked in the face.  Next time, stay where you are and throw your own party.

The residents of Riverdale Park are not in support of the zoning changes or the impending traffic that Whole Foods would bring to their neighborhood.  The hearing on the proposal turned into a battle of zoning process prowess between Cafritz family attorneys, developers for the site, and attorneys for College Park.  The residents who took off work to attend the hearing and speak were NEVER EVEN HEARD.  Councilman Olson (D-College Park, Dist 3) is said to not be in favor of the Whole Foods invasion.  On the flip, Riverdale and the University of Maryland back the Cafritz plan for a Whole Foods centered universe.

Well I guess the deacon skipped some major lessons on what to do and not to do in life because Capitol Heights resident and now EX-deacon Colin Hatch pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree sexual abuse and possessing a firearm during the commission of the crime of violence.  At the time of the offense in 2007, prosecutors say Hatch was applying to become a police officer in Baltimore.


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