PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Man charged in 2 Prince George’s County murders, Prince George’s Middle School students will have their day extended by 40 minutes next semester, Taxes going up for more than 40% of PGCo residents, “Man” robs woman at gunpoint in Temple Hills, Pepco may raise rates
After Tyrone Lewis was charged in the murder of Virginia community activist Lenny Harris, he is now linked to two murders that took place in Prince George’s County where robbery was the motive.  Hillcrest Heights resident Justin Issaac, 17 years old, was found dead outside his home. Cab driver Edmund Okofio Sowah was murdered by a passenger in his cab while sitting at a stop sign in Capitol Heights.  Tyrone Lewis has been charged in both these cases.

In addition to holding the Maryland budget hostage to special interest gambling legislation, Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller is now proposing that single filers making $75k and joint filers making $100k or more be taxed at higher rates NOT agreed to during the General Assembly session.  We can’t tax our way out of this budget deficit. Cuts will have to be made and untapped sources of income must be pursued i.e. leasing vehicles for government officials, child support owed to residents, etc.

Superintentent William R. Hite Jr. has extended the school day for Middle Schoolers by 40 minutes.  According to Hite, the extension will also save the county $5 million by combining school bus routes and having middle school students ride the bus with high school students. Me thinks mixing middle and high school students is a bad idea.

Sheriff’s deputies took Kristian Evans-Armstrong into custody for the armed robbery of a woman in Temple Hills.  He is charged with First Degree Assault, Firearm Use during a Violent Crime,Conspiracy of Armed Robbery, Handgun on Person, and Theft: less than $1, 000.

Pepco put money into increasing reliability (cutting down trees) and now they want that money back.  They say it’s in order to avoid having their credit rating downgraded but honestly, it looks like we’re paying an increase to Pepco for demanding they provide safe and reliable service.  The increase averages out to about $5.56 a month and that’s still too much.

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