PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Prince George’s Police Officer Charged with DUI,

Carjack Suspect Chased Down by Witness in Takoma Park

Saturday was a bad day for a criminal and a policeman in PGCo.  Both were arrested.
Officer First Class and six year police veteran Daniel Gonzalez, 38, crashed his police vehicle at the intersection of Route 1 and Tanglewood Drive around 5:15 a.m, Saturday May 19th.  There were no injuries and the police cruiser was the only vehicle involved in the crash. A breathalyzer test was administered (the responding officer suspected alcohol use by Gonzalez) and it showed an alcohol level of .13. Maryland’s legal limit for alcohol levels is .08.  Gonzalez was charged with the DUI and released; he’s now on paid administrative leave.  Officer Gonzalez received a commendation from the Prince George’s County Fire Department in February 2011 for heroic actions when he helped rescue residents from a burning assisted living facility, the Spellman House apartments, in College Park.
A witness to a attempted carjacking chased a carjacker down into the woods in Takoma Park, near a shopping center at 6400 New Hampshire Avenue on Saturday.  The carjacker attempted, 31 year old Maurice Santos Hernandez,  had brandished a knife in the shopping center parking lot and attempted to car-jack a woman and her children.  Hernandez was able to get away from the witness who had chased him but was later apprehended by Prince George’s County Police. 
Sidebar:  I do believe that this Summer is going to be a bad one.  People are growing increasingly frustrated with crime and criminals.  I’m seeing a lot of reports of people chasing down thieves.  Be careful out there people.

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