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Safeway introduces coupon app for Android and IPad users

Study shows Prince George’s County gambling would be most profitable in state

National Children’s Museum breaks ground at National Harbor

Safeway Just for UI don’t shop at Safeway because their prices are so high, I may as well be in Whole Foods. Really. So it would take this app (and me buying an Android device or IPad) for me to dance through the aisles of Safeway.  The app is called “Just for U,” and it proports to not just provide coupons but it allows you to personalize your choices.  Register your club card online and access deals there. The mobile app for iPhone and Android users help you track your deals on the go.  Just for U has weekly ads feature, Safeway’s Club Card deals, and a coupon center with the ads from the Washington Post.  A personalized deals section sends deals to your device based on your shopping habits.  Check it out at Safeway site HERE.
Take all that money you’re saving at Safeway and spend it gambling at National Harbor!!  Makes sense, right? NOOOOT!  The Examiner reports t hat according to a study and analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers and state analysts  found that money from table games such as blackjack and roulette, as well as additional revenues from 3,000 slot machines at a casino at National Harbor, would generate nearly $250 million more in annual gross gambling revenues than casinos would make if lawmakers maintain the status quo.  A National Harbor casino would be the most profitable in the state, drawing an estimated $460.7 million a year, a figure that eclipses revenue estimates for the state’s newest casino, Maryland Live!, by more than $8 million.  AND I STILL DON’T WANT A CASINO IN THE COUNTY.  So there.
Right next to this coveted casino at National Harbor, we will have the most appropriate addition of the National Children’s Museum.  The museum held a groundbreaking Tuesday for its 18,000 square foot indoor space at National Harbor.  Sesame Street’s Elmo was on hand.  The museum plans to open the indoor exhibits this November. A 60,000 square foot outdoor experience  will follow in May 2013.  Check out the museum’s website for more deets.  NIIIIICE!!!

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